Assets are specific pieces of content that can be assigned to a Screen or be part of a Playlist. They cover a broad range of content types.

Asset Management

You can filter your view by asset type using the menu on the left:
Click the animation to zoom
Create folders for your content and move content to them:

Asset Types

Images and Videos

Create sequences of uploaded images and video files. Files can be uploaded from your computer, or from a third-party online source.
Upload content. Click the animation to zoom.

Audio Files

Though not explicitly listed, MP3 files can be uploaded for use as background music assets for Playlists.


Customize information feeds from a range of pre-built HTML apps.
YouTube streaming is currently not recommended.
Each App has its own customization and theming options.


The Templates Library opens in a new browser tab by clicking the "Templates" button in the left menu.
Choose from a wide variety of templates to create your own visually appealing content. Scroll through the full list, or select a category to browse its content.
Once you have selected a template, enter the editor to customize it. Most elements have a simple click-to-edit interface. Double-click to alter text.
Access your designs by clicking Your Designs from the top of the screen.
Any element in the template can be edited or moved by selecting it and using the built-in tools to rotate or resize it, add shadows and outlines, change colors and textures, and more.
You can use the Undo (or Ctrl+Z) and Redo buttons if you make a mistake.
Take some time to play around and familiarize yourself with the template editor and its capabilities.


Raw documents can also be uploaded as content. Emerald will convert them to images on the back-end and show them at the rate you set in options.
Emerald can handle PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, and all LibreOffice file types (ODT, ODP, etc).
Go to Screens and edit one or many to change its content to that Asset.
If we want that piece of content as part of a playlist, we then move on to the next section.
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