Userful uClient Adapter Setup
The Userful uClient Adapter is the versatile, powerful, cutting-edge client for the Userful Visual Networking Platform.
Check the Release Notes and Known Issues before beginning, as they are updated and contain information that may be relevant to your deployment.

Compatibility Notes

As of Userful 10.6, the Userful uClient Adapter is certified for the following use cases:
Userful uClient Adapters paired to an On-Premise server currently do not support audio. This will be resolved in a near-future release.

Before You Begin

  1. 1.
    You should have configured a Cloud Server in Userful Manager, or an On-Premise Server set up.
  2. 2.
    Design of your system has followed the Network Design Requirements for Userful.
  3. 3.
    Your Userful uClient Adapter devices are unboxed, mounted, powered, and have network and Internet access.
Use either standard DisplayPort-to-DisplayPort or HDMI-to-HDMI cables when deploying uClient Adapters.
Connecting the HDMI to a DisplayPort, or the DisplayPort to HDMI, even if using an approved cable, will not work.
For DVI connections, use an HDMI-to-DVI connection, DisplayPort-to-DVI is not supported.

uClient Adapter Setup

Connect the HDMI or DisplayPort to your display (1), Ethernet to your LAN (2) and the included DC power supply (3), in that order.
Allowing the device to power on and start uClient before the network is connected may cause uClient to fail to establish a connection to Userful.
Wireless connections are not recommended or supported at this time.
Press the Power button (4) if the light on the device does not turn blue, indicating the device has powered on. Connect a USB keyboard and mouse (5) to configure network settings if needed.

uClient Setup

The Userful app is pre-installed on the device, and will start on its own after the device is powered on. Once the app starts, it will ask to pair to a server.
To pair to a Userful Cloud server, the device must have Internet access. Log in to Userful Manager and enter the displayed pairing code.
To pair to an On-Premise server, the display will show up in Displays to be paired if it is on the same network as the server.

Additional Steps for Portrait Orientation

If your displays will be oriented vertically or upside-down, some additional steps need to be taken.
For more information, see:
Once your devices are set up, move on to:
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