Server FAQs

Q: What constitutes a Userful server?
Cloud Servers are virtual applications that can be created and used almost instantly.
See an overview of the capabilities of each type here.
Q: What systems, GPUs, and capture cards are compatible with Userful On-Premise?
Q: What are the different ports used by Userful?
Q: Can you recommend or sell a compatible rackmount server?
Yes, Userful Professional+ and Enterprise servers are rack-mountable. Enterprise servers include a kit. Both are 4U chassis systems.
Q: Can Userful be run from a virtualized instance, or a cloud-hosted environment such as AWS or Azure?
Coming Soon!

Client FAQs

Q: What is a Zero Client?
Q: What is a uClient?
uClient is a software application that can be installed on to multiple platforms, including Android and LG WebOS, with more platforms coming soon.
Q: Does Userful support Power over Ethernet (PoE) options?
PoE options exist. Contact Userful to learn more.
Q: Can I install the Android uClient on any Android device?
At this time, only the Userful uClient Adapter is certified.
Q: How many clients can I pair to a Userful server?
There is a firm answer to this question, however, before planning deployments it is more important to consider factors like redundancy and compartmentalization of departments and functionality in case of failure.
The number of displays and amount of content each can show at once is also subject to system resources on the server.
With that out of the way...
Cloud servers can pair and manage an unlimited number of uClient devices.
On-Premise Servers have been tested as being able to support slightly more than 100 Zero Clients showing static-image content - in other words, very un-demanding content that does not strain the network beyond reason.
Scalability testing of uClients with On-Premise Servers is still ongoing, however the GPU limit of 8K, 60FPS content total must be kept in mind.
Q: Where can I find a list of certified LG platforms?
Contact your Userful Account Manager or [email protected].

Network FAQs

Recommended Reading

Does Userful use Multicast?

Userful distributes content to endpoints individually, with dedicated streams. If you are looking for Multicast functionality, we offer that in the form of Mirror Groups.

Display FAQs

Q: What displays should I pick for my Userful project?
Aside from direct integration advantages that come with some models of certified LG WebOS display, Userful can use and deliver content equally to displays of nearly any size, resolution, or aspect ratio. Choose displays that fit your needs and budget, and we will be there to work with you.
Q: What displays should I use to create an Artistic or Mosaic video wall?
Userful supports using displays of different sizes, aspect ratios, and resolutions to create single canvases. Use whatever you like!
Q: Does Userful support Touch Screens?
Touch devices with HID-compatible touch controllers will work with Userful, but please consult with Userful before planning any deployments.
Q: Does Userful support LED walls?
Yes, and we can deliver content in many different ways that make delivery and scaling much easier! See our LED Commander solution for more.
Q: Does Userful support projectors and edge-blending?
Yes, simply set 0 bezel when calibrating the video wall and allow the projectors to handle blending.
Q: Does Userful support projection mapping?
Not at this time.

Q: How do you adjust or control Genlock?

Userful does not use Genlock for synchronization, but NTP timing signals for content delivered over network clients, both with On-Premise and Cloud deployments. All synchronization is handled automatically, and any issues with sync should be reported to Userful Support.
Deployments with our LED Media Commander solution synchronize with NVIDIA Mosaic.

Content FAQs

Q: What sort of content can Userful manage and display?
If it comes from...
    A video port
    A photo or video creation/editing system
    A web page
    A desktop PC
    A remote server
…then Userful can handle it!
Q: Can Userful show PowerPoint presentations?
Q: How does Userful handle HDMI Capture? Are you HDCP compliant?
Userful On-Premise servers include Blackmagic DeckLink capture cards with multiple discrete input ports. With the correct server configuration, up to 24 feeds of 1080p60 video can be managed at once, from a single rack-mounted server.
Blackmagic capture cards and Userful are not HDCP-compliant. However our partner network has reported success with certain solutions for dealing with HDCP and live broadcast content.
HDMI inputs on LG WebOS displays are HDCP compliant.
Q: What is the total latency of your HDMI capture solution?
On a video wall or Zone, ~250 milliseconds.
On a single display, ~150 milliseconds.
Q: What are the playback/content restrictions for Userful? Number of sources, resolution supported, etc?
That is an amazing question!
The Userful platform is tremendously capable and flexible, and we are constantly improving efficiency through both new hardware offerings and software magic.
You will get your best possible answer by Contacting Userful.
For the moment, be assured that content up to 8K/60FPS is well supported, and depending on use case, can go quite a bit higher!
Q: Do I need to customize, or "pre-chop" my content for the particular design of wall I want to create?
Not at all. As long as your content roughly matches the aspect ratio of the final canvas, Userful will handle the rest, on the fly. You don't even need to worry about fine-tuning for bezel variations.
Q: How does Userful handle Audio?
Audio can be disabled completely, routed from the server, or play from one or several of the displays themselves, depending on settings.
Q: Can you split / subdivide video walls into smaller zones of displays?
Q: Can you split / subdivide individual displays into smaller zones?
Q: Can I directly control multiple content applications from within Userful?
Q: Can I schedule timed events, content changes and daily routines?

Q: Does Userful support content Proof of Play?

Userful does not support Proof of Play for the purpose of advertising.

Other FAQs

Q: How is Userful priced?
Q: How is Userful Licensed?
Userful is Software as a Service (SaaS) and available through subscription. Contact Userful to find out more.
Q: Do you have an API?

How can I get a Trial Kit for Userful?

Contact our Sales team at [email protected]

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