LED Media Commander Setup
LED Media Commander is implemented in a different way than the traditional server/client model.
Instead of delivering a Userful network stream to a wall, it uses the GPU's built-in video output to send perfectly synchronized content directly to the LED controllers. This method has the advantage of leveraging Nvidia Mosaic technology to achieve perfect synchronization on a multi-controller LED wall, as well as providing a Userful content delivery method and native source ingestion.
Content flows through Userful directly into the controller
Display outputs on the Nvidia GPU (Quadro RTX 5000 or above is required for multiple video-outs, or multiple controllers, or more than one 4K output) are fed directly to the LED controllers. Note that the controllers must be calibrated ahead of time - consult your partner to ensure this process is completed.
Userful server connected to two Novastar MCTRL 4K LED controllers
In the Control Center of your Userful server, you will see a single onboard display . This represents the combined video outputs on the Nvidia GPU. We do not need to associate or connect any other displays or devices.
To configure our LED canvas, we now use the Media Commander button in the sidebar:
If you do not see this button in the Mapping section of UCC, contact your Userful Account Manager or Sales Engineer.
This will open the Media Commander Tool that will allow you to configure your canvas to any shape or size, using 1 to 4 outputs from the GPU.
Note that the "Output" values may not exactly match the numbers on the GPU itself. Some trial and error may be necessary to determine the correct output.
Set each output's resolution as desired. The list of displays and resolutions should automatically populate. If not, re-seat the connections and click Refresh.
Adjusting the Vertical or Horizontal Padding will add one line of pixels at a time to the border between LED panels. This applies regardless of pixel pitch.
When the calibrated setup matches your LED wall, click Save.
Finally, map the display into a 1x1 Video Wall
This will allow Userful to “break” the traditional X boundaries and scale content smoothly.
Map the Zone to a Source, start the zone, and now we have perfect content playing.
The above example is for a specific use case only. Please consult with a Userful Sales Engineer if you are experiencing difficulties deploying LED Media Commander. There are a number of variables in this stack, and we are here to help!
Once proper synchronization is established, map the onboard display to any Source, including Command & Control, and you will be ready to deliver content!
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