Public Computing FAQs
Common issues and resolutions.

Changes or Updates I Made are Missing

When you make changes in the Userful Control Center, you must also Update your Presets. Otherwise any changes made, even after clicking Apply, will be lost the next time a scheduled Event is triggered.

Displays Black or Not Showing Welcome Screen

Check your Mapping configuration. A quick fix may be to apply the correct Preset.

Missing data in Usage Reports

Ensure Show only authenticated sessions is not checked in Usage Reports to see all data.
De-selecting Authenticated Sessions will show more data

Some PDF Forms Cannot be Filled Out

Add Master PDF to the dock.
If Master PDF does not appear in the list for you, contact Userful Support.

PDFs do not display properly in Chrome or Firefox

Downloading the PDF will save it to the desktop. From there it can be opened in Atril or Master PDF. If you want Master PDF to serve as the default viewer (over Atril), contact Userful Support.

Print Jobs from Microsoft Office do not count costs correctly when multiple copies are printed

This is unfortunately a known issue with CUPS (the printing back-end), and we are not able to resolve it. This behavior does not occur in LibreOffice.

Microsoft Office is exhibiting other odd behaviors...

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