Settings and Support (Cloud)




Manage Licensing

License details and option to replace

Change Server Name

Change the name of the server

Remote Control Settings

See Content Switching Controls

Broadcast Alert

See Broadcast Alert

Notification Settings

Controls whether or not the display shows messages about firmware/app updates and content download progress.

Latency Settings

Global setting for all uClients paired to a server. Acts as a "buffer" to ensure content plays in sync across all devices. Set in milliseconds.

Lock Task Mode

Prevents input devices connected to the uClient Adapter (keyboards, mice) from being able to exit the uClient app.


Set Date/Time for the server


Set Time Zone for the server


Action Item


Online Documentation

Links to support resources

Launch Camera

Starts the feed from any USB webcams attached to any of the client devices, if present. Useful for monitoring real-time function of the wall.

Contact Userful Support

Opens contact information for the Userful Support Team.