Userful On-Premise
Before you Begin

Before you Begin

Before beginning, you should have already completed the following steps:
    Userful server has been unboxed, connected to power and network, and powered on
    Initial setup has been completed, administrator credentials have been set
    One or more displays are paired to the server
    The server has a local network connection and a fixed IP address
    UCC access has been established through the local network or (optionally)Userful Manager
If any of the above steps have not been completed, please see the Setup Guide before proceeding any further.
Userful On-Premise Hardware Setup Guide - v4.1.1.pdf
Download the Setup Guide

On-Premise Control Center

Creating user accounts and delegating user access:
Monitor system resource usage:
Get started creating Sources and bringing content into your server:
Review Settings and Support options.
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