Managing Servers
Start by clicking the “Open Control Center” icon to expand your view of the server.
The box will expand to show the Userful Control Center and various shortcuts at the bottom of the screen.
Each marked function is a shortcut to different management aspects of the server. Take some time to click each and familiarize yourself with them. Note that clicking some icons a second time will open their respective applications in a new browser tab.
1: Home
Closes any expanded view, returns to the compacted Userful Manager view
2: Open Control Center
Opens the Userful Control Center. Click a second time to open UCC in its own browser tab
3: Show Control Room
Opens Command & Control - requires an active C&C source
4: Show Dashboard
Opens Supervisor Dashboard - requires an active C&C source
5: Server Diagnostics
Shortcut to server diagnostics, highlights any system issues
6: Displays
Shortcut to the Displays tab
7: Server Details
Displays server hardware, software, and licensing information
8: Upload Files
Allows remote upload of image and video files for the Signage Player source
9: Open Source Switcher
10: Open Preset Switcher
Opens Preset Switcher - requires existing Presets
11: Printer Profiles
Opens CUPS. This is for Public Computing systems only

Server Options Menu

There are a few functions and shortcuts available for servers in Userful Manager.
Create Events
Shortcut to “Events” tab of UCC, where scheduled events and configuration changes can be made
Event Switcher
A feature exclusive to Userful Manager, allows quick switching of created Events
Usage Reports
Opens Usage Reports for the Organization
Report a problem
Submit a trouble ticket. See Tickets for more information
Install Additional Packages
Allows install of some optional software from Userful’s repositories
Backup (Preview)
Creates a backup of most of the server’s settings. See backups below
Restore (Preview)
Select a restore point and restore options from backups
Copy Mapping
Allows copying of configuration from one server to another
Delete Server
Cloud servers: Deleted completely, including backups.
On-Premise servers: Backups deleted. If the server has not been decommissioned, rebooting the server will allow you to claim it again.
Reboots the server

Server Backups

Userful Manager backups will back up just about every setting of a Userful server, including:
  • Mapping configuration (sources, mirror groups)
  • Video wall calibration and zones
  • Presets
  • Command & Control sources, and their own sources and saved layouts
  • Resource groups, user accounts, and user groups
  • Events
  • Many Settings such as failover, file transfer settings, etc.
Some items are not backed up and need to be addressed manually after a reinstall or replacement of the server
  • System user accounts still need to be re-created at initial setup
  • Content files for Signage Player sources
  • IP addresses for network interfaces need to be set after a reinstall
  • Failover groups should be checked
  • Video Walls will retain calibration and spacing settings, however the display numbering may need to be re-set as endpoint devices (uClient, Zero Client) may not have connected and enumerated themselves in the same order
Using backups across different versions of Userful carries risks. While we make every effort to test compatibility of backups from previous versions, issues are always a possibility. If you are upgrading by several major versions (for example, from Userful 10.2 to 10.5) then it’s recommended to run a system update rather than reinstall and restore from backup.
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