Usage Reports
Usage Reports is a function of Userful Manager designed to allow customers using Userful as desktops or kiosks to track system usage and provide regular reports using a variety of criteria.
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Usage Reports counts session-starts of various Sources from an On-Premise server. If the source is an interactive source such as a Web browser or Cloud Desktop, it will also track session length - the time between session start and end.
Lists your various locations, defined by their public IP addresses
Defines which On-Premise server is generating the sessions
Day of Month
Allows you to view which days in a particular reporting period generate the most sessions
Day of Week
Counts logins by day of week
Hour of Day
Allows you to view the hour of the day in which a login occurred
Source Type
Lists the type of source started (Signage player, Web Browser, Cloud Desktop, etc)
Source Name
Counts sessions by the specific name of the source. Also displays the source type.
Show Only Authenticated Sessions
Filters out unauthenticated sessions (kiosks, free logins)
Displays logins by user name/barcode.
User Login Details
Shows username/barcode and more details of a particular login, such as date/time, server, length of session, Source type and name, and information about which station was used. This information is searchable by username.
Finally, you are able to print a PDF copy of the report for your records, or export the displayed data as a .CSV file.
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