User Administration
Users and Groups
Users and Groups created here do not integrate with Users and Groups in Userful On-Premise. This functionality is planned for a future release.

User Administration

Start by clicking “Organization” in the menu bar on the left side of the screen. If you are using a smaller screen or mobile device, you may need to bring out the menu bar by clicking the Menu icon at the top-left corner of the screen.
There are two account types you can create in Userful Manager.
The first login created is an Account Owner. This account type has the ability to create additional accounts, and has full access to all servers in Userful Manager.
The System Admin account does not have the ability to invite or manage users. If Groups are set up, they will have full access to each server assigned to their group.
Click the highlighted icon to create and send email invites to additional users as needed. There is no limit to the number of users you can create.
Invited users will receive an email invitation to set up their own logins and passwords.
Once accounts are created, users can manage their details in Account Settings, and the system administrator will receive an email informing them that the user has accepted the invitation.
Send Me Email Notifications will include the user in any server alert notifications.
Account Owners can manage users, groups, and invites from the Organization tab.

Managing Groups

By default, all Users and Servers exist in Manager as part of the Organization, but without a Group. All Servers are visible to all Users.
Account Owners can create Groups of both users and servers to restrict access to servers as needed.
Account Owners are unaffected by Group settings - their access supersedes any Group settings, and they will always see all servers in the Organization. Any users assigned to groups should be created with a System Admin account type.

Creating a Group

From the “Organization” section, click “Manage Groups” to create one. Click New Group. Enter a name for the group, then click Create Group. The group you create will appear in the list.
You can now manage Users and Servers, adding either to the group. Select Manage Group, then in the Group you created, manage Users or Servers.
Once finished, any System Admin users who log into their accounts will only see the servers assigned to their group.
An Account Owner will always see all users and servers.

Deleting a Group

Groups can be deleted. When a Group is deleted, the Users will return to the default view. Servers must be manually removed from the Group before the Group can be deleted. They also return to the default view.

Groups Overview

Here is a visual representation of the account structure with two users, three servers, and one Group.
In this example:
  • User 1 has access to everything in the organization, including user administration
  • User 2 has access to every server in the organization, but not user administration
  • User 3 has access to only Cloud Server 2 and On-Premise Server 1
  • If Example Group is deleted, everything becomes part of the base organization

Managing Account Security

Account Settings also allows you to manage your passwords and trusted login locations.
Userful Manager uses IP-based two-factor authentication. When logging in from a new public IP address, you will receive an email notification with a one-time authentication code and a prompt to enter that code. The code is not case sensitive.
Trusted Login Locations lets you manage saved locations. Userful Manager stores only the most recent 5 locations, and will delete the oldest when a sixth login location is verified.
In addition to IP-based 2FA, Userful Manager accounts can only have one active login at a time. Any new logins will log out the previous session.
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