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Userful offers a variety of training packages, onsite installation services, and Premium Support Services. Read on to find out more!

Standard Support Service

All customers receive Standard Support Services with an active subscription. All plans, including Standard Support, provide access to customer service, technical documentation, whitepapers, and support forums. Userful operates a tiered-based support structure, and all tickets are triaged according to their severity and/or complexity. As such, not all cases are created equal, and those that require further investigation from our Engineering team, or a new software release, will extend beyond the regular service level agreement. Total system outages that are beyond Userful’s control are not considered technical support-related in nature and are not included in the below SLAs.
For access to technical support and additional support resources, we offer plans to fit your unique needs.
Standard Package (Included) Standard Support is provided Free of Charge with an active subscription. This Support offering is recommended for smaller organizations with deployments requiring less management and maintenance.
Features As a Standard Support customer, you can add up to 1 User to your Standard Support offering to interface with our Support team. For details about managing roles and permissions, visit our Access control settings menu.
Response SLA
Receive the first meaningful response within 48 hours on business days (Mon-Fri) between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM PST.
Receive support during local business hours, Monday to Friday between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM PST.
Language Support
Standard Support is offered in English only.
Ticket # Limitations
This level of Support is limited to 25 Technical Tickets per calendar year.
No support is provided for third-party applications or hardware, including networking architecture, cabling, switching and routing, etc.

Enhanced Support Services

Enhanced Support is a paid support service for medium and large enterprises that require a dedicated Userful Support Engineer, faster response and resolution time, as well as additional service, to keep their mission-critical workloads productive, updated, stable and reliable.
Features As an Enhanced Support customer, you engage with Customer Care by creating support cases in the Userful Control Center, by emailing the Support Team, or by using the telephone number provided to you during your onboarding process.
You can add an unlimited amount of users to your Enhanced Support offering. When managing support cases as an Enhanced Support customer, you have access to the following features:
Response SLA
Receive the first meaningful response within 24 hours, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Submit a support case in Userful Control Center > Settings > Submit Trouble Report, via email, or by contacting the Toll-Free number provided in your onboarding package.
Dedicated Userful TAM
Receive a named Userful Technical Account Manager through our Support Team for all Support Inquiries.
Up to 10 approved Support Users to interface with Userful’s Technical team.
Training Program
3 Hours - Use-case-specific training is provided to up to 5 local IT Administrators, as one-hour sessions or one 3-Hour session via online courses.
Third-Party Hardware Support
Capture Cards, NICs, Routing and Switching, GPU, and Micro-Converters certified by Userful are covered in this program.
Sales Engineer-Led Network Architecture Solutions and planning.
Monitoring Tools
*QoS Dashboard (Coming 2023) for the Userful Control Center. Does not include external third-party applications or devices.
Enhanced Support is provided Monday through Friday, 24 hours a day.
Language Support
Enhanced Support is offered in English, Arabic and German.

Premium Service and Support

Premium Support is provided as a customized add-on for mission-critical operations, with dedicated Senior Technical Support, and a named Senior Sales Engineer. This Support offering is recommended for Enterprise organizations with larger, more complex deployments, requiring dedicated Userful personnel. As a Premium Support customer, you are getting the very best Userful has to offer - From pilot program to live deployment, and beyond.
Our team of Sales Engineers will have you up and running in less than a week, with on-site support at (almost) any location. The Senior Tech Support team will be there to assist your users with upgrades, changes to hardware, training, troubleshooting, and general system upkeep and maintenance.
Response SLA
Receive the first response within 4 hours of ticket creation.
Technical Support
Receive a named Senior Technical Support Engineer from Userful assigned to your account, providing technical support, escalation, and guidance.
Sales Engineer
Receive a named Senior Sales Engineer from Userful assigned to your account, providing full guidance from Pilot-to-Production.
Up to 10 Support Users to interface with Userful’s Technical team.
Email: [email protected], or by contacting the Toll-Free number provided in your onboarding package. ChatBot (Coming 2023)
Education and Training
Receive a 3-pack Training package worth 3 full hours of training for your team(s).
Additional Support
Network architecture guidance, design & documentation.
Monitoring Tools
*QoS Dashboard (Coming 2023). (Does not include third-party applications).
Userful Beta Program, providing access to engineering resources and product roadmap.
Premium Support is provided *24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Language Support
English, Arabic, and German
Executive Sponsorship
Named Userful Executive from Pilot-to-Production.
Customer Aware Support While onboarding your organization to Premium Support, your TAM focuses on building Customer Aware Support. Customer Aware Support is a service that provides you with a jump start to resolving technical issues and improving your Premium Support experience. Customer Care creates Customer Aware Support by learning about and maintaining information about your deployment(s) when requested. This information ensures that our Support experts can resolve your support cases promptly and efficiently.
Training With Premium Support, you receive training sessions/hours (packs) for the Userful Infinity Skills Boost that you can distribute to users in your organization. Your TAM identifies learning opportunities and indicates which training resources can be most beneficial to your organization. With this training, your developers have the resources to find answers quickly and test out ideas in safe environments. You will receive 3, 1 Hour Training Sessions. Additional Training Packages are available at an additional cost.
Additional Resources Documentation can be found at Userful Monitoring Dashboard within Userful Control Center (On-Premises deployment only)
*Availability is subject to change based on statutory holidays. North American teams follow the statutory holidays in the United States and Canada.
*Onsite installation services or other Professional Services are not included in this package.
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