Version 12.6.1


  • Introducing the uControl application to create and control presets.

  • Added user management roles for admin applications.

  • Added support to backup and restore user credentials.

  • Added new functionality to add a frame rate limit to the mapping group.

  • Added support to set the GPU latency value.

  • Improved UI with the mapping group display limit per view is set to 50.

  • Added search by-tags capability to the destinations.

  • Improved search functionality in the System Configuration module.

  • Enhanced live view stream rendering capability.

  • Improved error handling.

  • Optimized Android uClient to support smooth 4k playback.

  • Improved sorting of mapping groups.

  • Improved the GUI to accommodate dropdown with a large number of options.


  • Fixed the issue where special characters can fail the backup and restore process.

  • Fixed the issue where the display failed to play assigned content once the schedule ends.

  • Fixed the issue where an HTTP source stops playing after the first iteration.

  • Fixed the issue where database restoration fails due to out of memory error.

  • Fixed the issue where Session Persistence and Refresh Interval settings did not work for the Web Browser source.

  • Fixed the issue where checking for updates can restart system services.

  • Fixed the issue where an image file is playing twice for certain webOS displays.

  • Fixed the issue- in a video wall setup if one of the uClient is unpaired from a destination, the platform throws an error.

  • Fixed the issue- When a GPU in a server is replaced with a new GPU, the platform no longer shows the details of the old GPU. It updates to reflect new GPU details.

  • Fixed the issue where the scroll bar is hidden for Active Sources and Layout side menu under the Decisions app

  • Fixed the issue where translations are not properly rendered after the system update.

  • Fixed the issue where the video wall calibration page goes blank if the display is dragged out of the canvas boundary.

  • Fixed the issue where setting the fractional frame rate can fail to play the content.

  • Fixed the issue where audio playback is not consistent on WebOS displays while playing local content.

  • Fixed the issue where the last frame of the previous file can be visible during the playback transition.

  • Fixed the issue where multiple GPUs in a server were not being utilized properly.

  • Fixed the issue where deleting an active source was sometimes not possible in the Decisions application.

  • Fixed the issue where the onboard output doesn’t scale as expected if the height of the destination is larger than the width.

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