Version 12.5.2

Platform Updates

Userfuls’ software-based AV-over-IP solution empowers IT teams and accelerates digital transformation without compromising IT best practices. Here are some of our latest product features.

Home Page

A homepage facilitates navigation to applications and system configurations all through one dashboard.

New Use-Case-focused Applications

Shared Sources and Destinations

Purpose-built UI configuration screens to help set up sources and destinations. Cross-platform source sharing ensures all the fitting applications have easy access to the source.

Advanced Architecture

Developed around a microservice architecture versus the traditional monolithic code base.

Enhanced Security

Communication to and from the Userful Infinity Platform can be configured for HTTPS access only and can create self-signed certificates to encrypt external traffic.

Simplified Workflow

UI optimizations to improve workflows.

End-Point Management

Central management of connected end-points enables easier management of the infrastructure by admin teams

Multi-GPU Capabilities

Support for multi-CPU, multi-GPU servers providing more power, scalability, and capacity to the end users.

Applications Updates


Drag and Drop

Turn your video wall or LED wall into a large canvas and intuitively place windows in free form to create your custom workspace, in real time. Take full control of the application from a browser.

Interactive Viewer ( Software KVM)

Take direct control of an interactive source, right from the Decisions application.

Layout Switching

For fast scenario changes, layouts can be saved and easily switched with just one click.

Custom Grids

Set up your control center canvas with a custom grid so that content snaps into place easily and remains organized.

Supported Source Types

Web/HTML browser, HDMI Capture up to 4K60, native media player, optional CMS platform, VNC, RDP remote desktop clients, RTSP streams.


No customized software is required to access the platform. Interact with Diamond Decisions directly from an HTML5-enabled web browser.


Canvas Content Creator

A tool to create new digital signage content. Users can create brand-new designs or start from one of 300+ templates. These templates are curated to cover different messaging needs including employee recognition, event announcements, company messaging, and much more.


Allow companies to leverage existing content sources and live content sources for updates in real time. Companies can showcase social media content, news, weather, any RSS feed, and more, delivering self-updating and engaging content.

Screen Partitioning

Organize multiple assets on a single screen by dividing them into sections. For example, curate the display to show a video, news feed scroller on the bottom, and weather information on the right of the screen.


Displays can be tagged for targeted content distribution. E.g., based on location, department, etc. It is also helpful to publish emergency messaging to specific locations.

Playlists and Scheduling

Increased users' operational efficiency! Playlists allow automated content streaming. Schedules help create events to be streamed daily or on specific dates.


Wireless Presentation

Spaces offer touchless meetings with no HDMI, AV cables, or dongles to connect- offering a cable and clutter-free conference table that allows anyone on any device to easily connect.

Quick Start Meetings

Start sharing your screen in seconds, with super easy pairing to the meeting room for staff and guests.

Browser-based access - User OS Agnostic

Since the connection is established using standard browsers, users on any OS can use the system.

Comprehensive Security

Run screencasting in a secure network environment. Secure end-to-end screen sharing with WebRTC (DTLS-SRTP-secured).

Integration with Power BI

Offering ready-to-go integrations to the top business analytics tools.

Persistent Log In

Log in to a session multiple times on different edge devices after initial configuration.

Interactive Viewer

Enables interactivity with any dashboard to log in and set up the view required.

Multi Window Views

Trends allows users to combine multiple visual information tools on a single pane of glass (along with any other platform source such as images, video feeds, etc.). Teams can have their custom views with their relevant data.


Create business intelligence playlists to rotate between different analytics tools and metrics dashboards.


Users can automate when and where certain dashboards should be shown, enabling easier management and smarter displays to show the right dashboards at the right time.


8K UHD Content Playback

Load up to 8K60 content, to get the most out of large-resolution video walls and DV LED walls with perfect playback using Userful’s video engines.

Aspect Ratio

Stream content of any aspect ratio onto displays and canvases of different sizes or orientations. It also includes controls to auto-adjust playback to optimize how it shows up on the video wall.

Text Overlay

Welcome your audience by showcasing welcome or informative messages on the displays.


Curate a playlist of widgets, images, videos, feeds, etc., and provide a continuous looping stream of content.

Artistic Video Walls

Create any configuration of display areas, such as an arc, or a mosaic, to create a unique and impressive digital canvas experience.


Users can schedule the streaming of specific content, which simplifies management.


Dedicated Enterprise Video Access Portal

Using the easy-to-access video portal, anyone with a browser can log in to securely access enterprise content.

Channel Creation

Create channels to stream specific content like metrics, onboarding videos, and meeting videos available through a single HR channel.

Secure Access

Introducing user authentication capability to ensure certain channels can only be accessed by authorized personnel.

Role-Based Channel Access

Ensure the right teams have access to the right content with permission to their curated channels.

Stream Linking

Watch available streams of live content and on-demand videos right from the curated channel.

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