Version 12.7

Platform Updates

To ensure continuous uptime and deliver reliable deployments, Userful has implemented end-point monitoring. IT administrators can monitor uClient’s status and determine if the device is active or facing an issue. This aids in rapid issue detection and minimizes downtime.

Introducing email alerts for admins enabled by the SMTP protocol. Admins can now create notification channels and configure email alerts when the system reaches a certain utilization level or if an end-point device disconnects.

The new integration with LDAP allows organizations with Active Directory and Red Hat Directory Service setup to import users and user groups to the Userful Infinity Platform. Admins can then assign these users appropriate access permissions.

Role-Based Access Controls for Sources

Using the new clearance levels structure, admins and users can restrict source(s) access to only authorized user groups.

The new logging feature creates an audit trail for every platform user. It shows user login details and administrative changes, like creating a source, mapping resources, assigning roles, etc.

Locked Device Mode for Android uClients

Restrict the ability to exit the uClient application using a keyboard and mouse, preventing external users from hampering the operations of the uClient Adapter.

Tableau Integration as a Source

12.7 introduces a secure integration with Tableau. Use the Decisions, Artistic, Trends, and uControl applications to make the Tableau dashboard persistently accessible and securely delivered across destinations.

OS upgrade to CentOS9

The system is updated to a more stable and secure CentOS version. It offers more robust features to support mission-critical tasks and ensure long-term OS support.

uClient Player Web Browser

Enable the ability to use uClient players to open a URL locally at the device, saving bandwidth for web content on single screens. Note: This function does not support interactive viewer-based interactivity or video walls.

API Integration

Increased interoperability and secure access to system data with the launch of the following new APIs.

Developed API to retrieve and modify system information.

Developed APIs to

  • Retrieve networking information by Video Engine ID.

  • Update the IP Address of the networking interface.

Developed APIs to

  • Retrieve the licensing information.

  • Activate the license.

  • Update the number of displays in the license.

Developed APIs for the Artistic application to

  • Create a mapping group

  • Map a Playlist to the mapping group

  • Map a destination to the mapping group.

Developed APIs for the Decisions application to

  • Create an Operations center

  • Update the name, description, and grid settings of the Operations center.

  • Search the Operations Center.

The Import functionality lets users import video wall destinations, mapping groups, and operations centers from the Userful 11 setup.

Code Base update to Java 17

The Build and Install updated to the latest Java version- 17.

Add clearance levels to user groups and assign permissions- Edit and Execute to modify and map sources.

Novastar DV-LED Controller Integration

Augmenting Userful’s value for AV-over-IP manageability. IT managers can now centrally manage the configurations of the Novastar LED Controller as an Endpoint and leverage power management capabilities for power savings.

Source Sharing

Introducing source sharing for greater resource utilization.

Compliance Metrics

Validations to ensure client compliance with certified GPUs as per the license throughout the term of the deployment.

The Admin Center hosts three applications - System Configuration, User Management, and Monitoring Dashboard. It also displays statistics from each application.

Application Updates


Enhanced App-based player for WebOS uClient Enables lower bandwidth consumption and increased robustness (offline continued playback) for uClient player using LG WebOS displays.

Volume control for uClient Player Adjust source volume when streaming content using the uClient player.


Dynamic Multi-Participant Casting Spaces offer an enriched experience, enabling multiple participants to collaborate and cast content simultaneously.

Audio Support for Screencasting Manage audio settings using the new audio feature integrated with meeting rooms. Note: There are caveats on how it works in different user OS and browser combinations. Please refer to this article for more details.

uClient Player This feature leverages the power of the local device to open a Spaces session locally, further saving on bandwidth and increasing the scalability of a single server for screencasting and collaboration.

Improved Content Casting Quality Improved resolution for less pixelation during video conferencing.

Meeting Room Pairing Code The casting process has now been improved for Spaces. There is no longer a need to find the room from a dropdown list (which had its own set of concerns from users taking over screen they should not) or be confused by a long URL. The user can now navigate to and enter the pairing code on the screen.

Integration with Tableau Offering ready-to-go integration with a leading business analytics platform. Users can set up Tableau dashboards to be persistently accessible and securely distributed.


Improved Mapping Group View New UI functionalities focusing on user-centered design to help view mapping groups in list and tile formats.

Sort and Filter Feature New features to organize mapping groups in a specific manner and filter according to parameters like Source Type, Destination Type, etc.


Cross-Application Content Streaming Introducing the ability to create a Remote stream from any mapping group or operations center. Now, users can stream any active source through the Remote portal on their device.


Decisions Layouts as Mapping Presets Decision's layouts can now be streamed as mapping presets. Use the one-touch uControl feature to activate the layout designed in the operations center.

General Update

Penetration Testing

Authorized third-party exhaustive testing to determine potential risks and ensure security. An exhaustive testing plan aimed to test Userful hardware and software.

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