Version 12.6

User Management

  • The system enters an infinite buffering state when you unassign all the user groups assigned to a user and reassign user group(s). Workaround: You can either assign a new user group and then remove the existing user group or use the Assign User Group option to assign the User Groups.

Failover Server

  • In the scenario where a server has been configured as a backup server, it can not be configured as the primary server. Workaround: Please create a new Primary server and configure the Failover settings. You can also restore the data you last saved using the Backup and Restore option.

System Monitoring



  • In case, when two users are using the Decisions application simultaneously from different systems- Workaround: When one user deletes an operations center, the system reloads for another and shows the Operations Center screen.


  • webOS Engage Edge uClient players can not stream video format content overnight. Workaround: Please use a server player to stream video format content overnight.

  • Broadcast alerts are not displayed on the destinations mapped to the Engage uClient Players. Workaround: Please use Server Player for displaying broadcast alerts.

  • Engage application does not load properly when accessed via incognito mode.


  • If the following file takes some time to load when playing assets through Artistic uClient Player, the user may view the last frame of the previous file for 10 seconds.

  • The first image plays twice in the first iteration when playing a playlist using the webOS uClient player in the Artistic application.

  • WebOS displays do not support gapless playback when streaming 4k videos from a uClient Player using the Artistic application.


  • Requires Authentication functionality in the Remote application is not working. Workaround: Please disable the Requires Authentication option to stream channels seamlessly.


  • Once rebooted, the web browser source logged-in session loses its session persistence. Workaround: Please use a pre-authorized link to resume working from where you left off.

  • The uClient shows a loading icon on the destination when a user maps an HDMI capture source to another canvas/ mapping group. Workaround: Please create a new HDMI capture source if one is already in use.

  • After installing the updates, the system does not reboot. Workaround: Please restart the system manually after every system update.

  • Any modifications to the Playlist's content must be saved, and the Playlist must be remapped to the Mapping Group.

  • The new user journey continues from the screen last accessed by the previous user and not from the Home page. Workaround: Please click on the Userful logo in the header to access the home page.

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