Version 12.6.1

System Configuration

  • The browser needs to be refreshed multiple times to see the available packages available for installation.

  • Platform throws an unknown error when- a. The user maps the Onboard station to a mapping group after modifying the media commander configuration. b. The user opens the Media Commander while the onboard station is mapped to the mapping group. The destinations briefly show the loading icon and restart. Workaround: Remap the display for playback to start correctly.



  • Audio does not work when a source with audio enabled is assigned to a uClient Player destination. Workaround: Enable Audio from the device settings by plugging in the mouse to the uClient device.

  • Engage Server Player supports a maximum of 1080p resolution content. Engage uClient Player supports up to 4K resolution.


  • Artistic calibration does not work if the Video Codec value is set to H.265 (High Efficiency Video Coding).

  • Audio does not work when a source with audio enabled is assigned to a mapping group. Workaround: Toggle the volume slider, and the audio output starts to function.


  • Users can create duplicate Engage source in a mapping preset using uClient Player as the player type. Workaround: Please use the default Engage source displayed in the Sources panel of the mapping preset.

  • The platform generates an error (code- SAA-3) if the user activates the mapping preset with no source assigned to it. Workaround: Please designate a source and destination to the mapping preset and save your modifications before activating it.


  • The destination does not stream local playback assigned to it via an uClient Player after updating uClients with the newest firmware and application version. The destination shows an unmapped screen. Workaround: Please power cycle the uClient to work as expected.

Fixed Issue

  • Once the existing GPU is replaced with another model, the platform no longer shows the older GPU model in the UI and drop-down list. It shows the new GPU model.

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