Version 12.8

Known Issues

  • External Authentication users/groups don't appear until the page is refreshed

  • Editing an existing Mapping Group details might change the order of the Playlist items Workaround: Unmap and remap the source for the changes to take effect

  • Server does not reboot if System Updates are run through Schedules Workaround: Manually reboot the server

  • Displays IDs might be identical or it may not show up in the UI Workaround: Unassign and Assign the display back to the server

  • Editing an existing Schedule may not work as expected

  • Air-Gapped option does not work with the Spaces Meeting Room

  • Workaround: Connect the server to Internet and then create the Meeting Room

  • Playlist created in Artistic app can be accessed in Decisions app after editing the Source permissions

  • Schedules caused veo to crash on the left big wall due to different settings across Mapping Group and Source in use

  • Adding a custom video background doesn't work for uClient Player Meeting room on WebOS displays Workaround: Use an Image or Solid color as a Meeting room Background

  • uClient player Meeting Room on WebOS may crash the app Workaround: Use Server Player Meeting Room while casting a meeting on WebOS display

  • CAPS lock button may not be functional while trying to interact with the VNC Viewer source

  • Ambiguous error message pops up when Remote Desktop source with unreachable Server URL is used in the Mapping Group Workaround: Configure the source with the correct server URL and re-map the source to the Mapping Group

  • Indirect source (e.g., Web Browser) may randomly fail to start after importing backup from Userful 11 to 12

  • Using Webkit as a Browser while configuring Web Browser source will not work Workaround: Use Chrome or Firefox browser while configuring the source

  • An error message may pop up if a Decision Operator deletes a canvas Workaround: Click Ok on the Error message dialog window and proceed as this does not impact any functionality

  • Display may not power-on at the Scheduled time of the corresponding event Workaround: Go to System configuration app to restart that particular display

  • uControl presets do not show up after migrating from version 12.7.1 to 12.8 Workaround: These displays will show up as ‘In use’ by the uControl app inside other apps. Unassign and Assign the display to the server from the System Configuration app and then use it

  • SAML authentication is not synced correctly on the Backup server in the Failover setup

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