Version 12.8.1

  • Server reboot can affect HTTPS access.

    Workaround: Re-configure HTTPS and click Finalize to complete the setup.

  • Error message shows in the UI while exporting to uConduct provided canvas containing a Playlist with Restart setting. Workaround: Re-configure the Playlist with Persistence setting as “Keep Running”.

  • Power BI Report goes blank when the Reload Interval is short and the report is run overnight.Workaround: Edit the source to update the Reload Interval to 60 minutes or more and then remap the source to the Mapping group.

  • Unplugging/Replugging network on the Primary server may cause spinners on that server. Workaround: Reboot the Primary server, please ensure to reboot the Secondary server before rebooting the Primary server.

  • Servers may not recover if network is unplugged at the same time from the Primary and Secondary servers. Workaround: Shutdown the backup server, then reboot the primary server and the uClients.

  • Unmapping /remapping the Source quickly on the same Mapping Group may cause black screen on the Destinations mapped to that source. Workaround: Delete the Mapping Group and re-create the Mapping Group, then drag Source and Destination.

  • Deactivating Custom Preset from the uControl app does not clean up the GPU memory. Workaround: Reboot the server.

  • Unmapping the Onboard station shows the last frame of the previous content. Workaround: Map the Onboard station to the new content. Current behavior will be fixed in the upcoming release.

  • Random inset may fail to start correctly on the Decisions canvas. Workaround: Delete and remap the inset to the canvas

  • Deleting the SAML integration entry may not work as expected and it will show a UI error. Workaround: This will be fixed in the next release.

  • Destinations may sometimes get stuck at the previous content, after stealing Destinations multiple times, and then unmapping. Workaround: Unmap the Destination from all Mapping Groups to get the destinations back to an unmapped state.

  • Content playback does not resume after network disruptions to the uClients if the content is playing locally on the video wall. Workaround: Unmap and remap the video wall to the Mapping Group.

  • Changing the display diagonal size while editing a video wall throws error. Workaround: This will be fixed in the next release.

  • Spaces app: ‘Leave the Room’ OS Conference option does not work as expected. Workaround: Close the conference manually from the room navigator or re-enter a conference which will make the conference closed.

  • Spaces app: Corporate resource sharing does not work if the Server URL changes. Workaround: This will be fixed in the next release.

  • Image file in the Videos & Images source may get randomly skipped if that source is part of a Playlist. Workaround: This is a random issue that will be fixed in the next release. You can also convert the image to a video, then add it as an Asset to the Videos & Images source.

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