Userful’s Artistic application is a content management and distribution application part of the Userful Infinity platform, optimized to showcase beautiful artistic content in lobbies and common areas. It provides an easy-to-edit digital canvas that staff users can update, all while applying enterprise IT standards and best practices. Designed around creating unique experiences in lobbies, common areas, and experience centers, Userful Artistic application is a unique content management and distribution application.

Artistic for experiential environments allows for screens and video walls to be converted into moving art canvases. To get the most out of large video walls including DV-LED, it features wide configuration flexibility, including the ability to rotate and configure displays to create any custom artistic wall, beyond 16:9 rectangles. Companies can upload their own custom videos with 8K (and even higher resolutions), or leverage access to a high-quality moving art marketplace to display impressive content. To enable staff, like lobby receptionists, Artistic allows for easy ad-hoc editing with a unique overlay that allows for text such as welcoming messages for guests, and widgets such as calendars to be placed anywhere on the canvas. To automate workflows, content can also be playlisted and scheduled.

Artistic can be deployed with various architecture options, including closed network environments to meet even the most stringent connectivity requirements. Furthermore, the administration function provides IT with all of the oversight tools required for ongoing infrastructure manageability, access controls, and deployment policies.

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