Version 12.5.2

System Configuration

  • Changes to system-level configuration, like Time or Server Name, may not be reflected on uClient devices and require a system restart.

  • Unassigning a client from the server may delete the entire video wall. Workaround: Please ensure to unassign a client only after due analysis.

Failover Server

This is set up before the application. It ensures that the information is synced properly between the primary and secondary systems.

  • It currently supports only uClient deployments.

  • Some data, like source content and user login data, are not auto-transferred during the failover setup.

  • After each failover, the primary server must be restarted.

  • If the failover is enabled uClients on the same network automatically connect to the primary server.

  • Failover on the secondary system cannot be disabled.

Sources & Destinations

  • Modifications made to Sources and Playlists take time to reflect on the assigned destinations. Workaround: Please remap the source to the destination except for the Decisions application.

  • To change the video wall calibration, the destination must be unmapped from the mapping group.

  • Clearing a Broadcast Alert also clears the Text Overlay content.

System Monitoring

  • Monitoring data shows results for only one GPU on a multi-GPU setup.



  • Even if no destination is assigned to a Spaces meeting room, it can be accessed as an available meeting room.


  • The size of the text overlay in Artistic may differ between the application and destination.


  • Some UI issues include misplaced elements, missing translations, inconsistent dropdown menus, and data validation fields.

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