This section encapsulates Infinity Platforms' architecture and key features.

Userful AV-over-IP Architecture

Userful’s private-cloud approach offers the ability to receive, render, and distribute any source to any destination using a compatible server and network configuration. uClients run as an application on the SoC of smart displays from major manufacturers, or on any display using a standard Android-based uClient adapter. Connected uClients at the end-point can show any content on any display or can be configured as a video wall. Furthermore, users can also access sources from their desktops. Using Userful’s Aether Manager for the local site, users can access and manage the Userful Infinity platform via a web browser. Built-in gemstone applications offer dedicated UIs that allow users to interact and manage the displays for their needs, while admins have full end-to-end controls over all devices, users, roles, network settings, and more. Meanwhile, multiple video engines can act together and distribute the load for scalability.

Key Userful Infinity Platform Features

Applications Suite

An unprecedented offering; With the Userful Infinity Platform, organizations have access to a suite of applications for multiple business needs including operation centers, digital signage, meeting rooms, data-dashboard operations, artistic & experiential environments, and remote streaming offerings.

Central Management

Everything is managed through the browser, either locally or through the WAN. No software downloads are required.

Active Directory

Integrate user directories with LDAP or SAML. User roles control user access to applications, sources, destinations, and/ or configuration tools through permissions. End-to-end management connects to and manages all the on-premise servers, endpoints, and displays from a single interface.

Supports Any Display Technology

Send content to any display type, including LCD, OLED, and Directview LED. End-point Manageability uClient-enabled endpoint devices feature full manageability for admins, including remote reboot capability, power management, remote updates, and more.

Deployment Model

The platform is built on a microservice architecture supported by Userful on-premise server architecture. It runs directly from an on-premise private cloud.


Userful uses a secured server, with a locked-down OS for prioritized security, delivering IT teams the flexibility they need to implement their security policies for deployment and to adapt as their needs change.

24/7 Online Support

Ensure up-time with our 24-hour support team. Userful offers Standard, Enhanced, and Premium support packages, providing support for multi-location deployments and enterprise operations.


API is available for custom deployments and integrations, which ties into other communication tools, third-party applications, and device triggers.

Monitoring Tools

Live dashboards for on-premise deployment to supervise servers, network traffic, CPU, and GPU performance to maintain peak visual network performance.

Automated Failover

Deployments offer options to add additional servers configured as backups in the event of a system failure to ensure continuous system availability.

Video Wall

Configure any type of grid or artistic video wall with ad-hoc placement and rotation of displays.

Back-up and Restore

Ensure business continuity with full system backups that can be used to restore the system.

Notifications and Alerts

System monitoring and configurable alerts to inform teams and ensure maximum uptime.

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