Version 12.8.1

This update has multiple stability fixes and is recommended for all users.


  • Implemented Power BI OAuth2 Integration Flow.

  • Implemented queueing mechanism for session restart and user creation for better content retrieval.

  • Implemented faster layout switching time in Decisions app.

  • Streamlined application of insets when loading a layout to reduce resource consumption.

  • Changed the workflow of LED Media Commander by restricting a multi-GPU system from sharing the same GPU memory.


  • Fixed the issue where restarting multiple uClients simultaneously resulted in one or more uClients not recovering.

  • Fixed an interruption that occurred while retrieving storage information from an unconnected uClient.

  • Fixed the issue where audio was not working for HDMI Capture source with "Use X Client" option enabled.

  • Fixed the keyboard input problem in Interactive Viewer.

  • Fixed the issue of the mouse pointer causing pop up of Epic wait time graphs.

  • Fixed the issue where updating GPU latency in the System Configuration App sometimes did not get saved.

  • Fixed the issue where database desync happened while deleting Decisions Operation Centre.

  • Fixed the issue where WebOS uClient could not replay content.

  • Fixed the issue of the System Configuration app becoming unresponsive with large number of displays.

  • Fixed the issue where a single display came back with spinners after server reboot.

  • Fixed the issue of displays taking longer time to resume playback after device restart.

  • Fixed the issue of multiple spaces screencast source displaying the same meeting ID in Decisions.

  • Fixed the issue of incorrect LDAP Groups DN value causing user/group syncing to hang.

  • Fixed the issue where destinations remain in ‘In use’ status after Canvas deletion.

  • Fixed the issue where the system did not recover normally after reboot with empty data in the configuration file.

  • Fixed the issue of Decisions Operations Centre migration getting stuck.

  • Fixed the issue where Web Browser sessions were not getting cleaned up during content deletion if VEO interfered with the normal system functioning.

  • Limited the video wall calibration width to 15 for better performance.

  • Fixed the issue where Decisions Operations Centre migration froze when the number of insets was large.

  • Fixed the issue where normal system functioning got interfered due to heavy CPU usage with 100+ active sources.

  • Fixed the issue where starting a Power BI source on Decisions canvas does not work.

  • Fixed the issue where layout preset switching remained in loading state.

  • Fixed the Role Based Access Control (RBAC) issue that occurred while editing sources' permissions.

  • Fixed the issue where Interactive Viewer displayed incorrect insets.

  • Fixed the issue of Canvas not getting deleted correctly when deleted by a Decisions operator user.

  • Fixed the issue of server failing to recover after power outage.

  • Fixed the issue where a page refresh was required for updated views in Decisions Canvas after performing different actions.

  • Fixed the uConduct form width issue.

  • Fixed the issue of ‘Active source’ missing from Canvas UI.

  • Fixed the issue where some database inconsistencies occurred after stopping VEO and performing actions.

  • Fixed the time-out error that occurred when changing Mapping Group settings with many insets.

  • Fixed the issue of running out of user IDs when creating insets in Decisions.

  • Fixed the LED Media Commander issue where the display was not returning the output and the UI was frozen.

  • Fixed the issue where web browser page showed “Not responsive” message while performing operations in the Decisions app (ex: adding/deleting an active source).

  • Fixed the issue where attempting to edit the Power BI source took users to a blank screen.

  • Fixed the issue of uClients not showing up in the UI after failover from backup to primary.

  • Fixed API Issues (/canvas/delete, /mappinggroups/playlist, /systeminfo).

  • Enabled error message prompt for active source creation exceeding 45 seconds.

  • Fixed thread leaking issue related to playlist item switching.

  • Fixed the issue in a specific scenario where Keycloak failover initializer failed.

  • Fixed the issue of system not recovering after restoring the backup due to larger DB file size.

  • Fixed the issue where VE was reporting an empty list of network interfaces.

  • Fixed the issue of LDAP user sync not working.

  • Fixed the UI issue during the editing of Videos & Images source.

  • Fixed typos, distorted UI and other issues.

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