Version 12.8

Ada Lovelace Support- twice the GPU power

Support of Nvidia’s Ada Lovelace microarchitecture increases Userful’s CUDA capability, resulting in 3x encoders and decoders. This means at least double the regular capacity for supporting more destinations and simultaneous sources. Furthermore, it also enhances the ability to have larger canvases for LED solution

uConduct 2.0-Dedicated soft-KVM module


The new uConduct vastly improves the interactivity for operators by enabling operators to bring all their interactive sources into a dedicated window for interactivity with any source in the operations center. Any operator can with a single keyboard and mouse interact with multiple interactive sources and remote desktops seamlessly from the uConduct window, while also still working on their daily tasks on their workstation.

Decisions - Revamped workflows for multiple canvases for a single operations center

Decisions now has a revamped UI to further optimize the possibilities and improve the workflows for operators. These are some of the improvements new UI/UX brings:

  • With the new change, a single operations center can have more than one destination

  • Any destination in the operations center can pull in any layout. Layouts are no longer tied to a single Decisions canvas

  • Improved canvas to destination resolution matching

  • uConduct Export function

  • Playlists

  • Canvas clearing button

  • Source aspect ratio controls

uControl Environmental Switcher for Decisions Presets


With the new Decisions ability to place any layout on any destination, uControl now also gains the ability to map any layout to any Operations Center Canvas within

New 8K performance uClient Adapter-Android 12

The new groundbreaking 8K performance uClient Adapter amplifies whats possible from a single uClient and a single HDMI output. Ideal for new top of the line 8K monitors coming out from major display brands that show ultra detail resolution as well as new 8K DV-LED controllers (ie, Novastar 8k controller connected to 8K Unilumin wall), it simplifies the architecture 8K resolution output. Enabling ever larger deployments with higher quality from a single uClient device.

Dante Audio

pageAdvanced Audio Support

We will be able to use a ALP-Dante PCIe device as an output audio for the mapping groups and operations center canvases. The card comes with 64 outputs and we can select the mapping group and assign the output accordingly.

Epic Healthcare Integration

pageEpic Integration

The new Epic integration allows customers to connect their Infinity platform to their Epic platform to visualize operational data. For the first phase customers can create charts for hospital patient wait times by department. Ensuring hospitals can monitor wait times and other key scorecard items.

SAML Integration with Okta

pageSAML Integration

The new SAML integration with Okta, brings enhanced security and user convenience to your Infinity. Admins can enable Single Sign-On (SSO) using Okta credentials, streamline user management from the Okta dashboard, bolster security with multi-factor authentication, and ensure compliance with robust audit trails. It's a user-friendly, seamless solution that simplifies access management and elevates your organization's security posture.

Megapixel DV-LED controller Integration for power controls

Augmenting Userful’s value for AV-over-IP manageability, Userful can now offer IT managers the ability to centrally manage the configuration of the Megapixel controllers for LED walls. IT admins will be able to blackout an LED wall for power savings right from the Userful system configuration interface. Works for Megapixel Helios and Omnis controllers.

End-point power management with scheduling

The new power management for end-points will allow for scheduling when screens are put to sleep mode, and wake up. Enabling power savings during off hours with no manual intervention

uClient scheduled updates

New scheduled updates make it easier for admins to schedule updates to the uClient end-points to happen automatically during off hours. Meaning the update can happen seamlessly when no one is viewing the displays and even if the admin person is not currently working.

Spaces 2.0-Beta

The new and revamped Spaces improves the functionality of the collaboration application drastically:

  • Multiple people can screencast at one time

  • Dynamic windows

  • Share a corpor ate resource into a meeting

  • Beta: Add-on to Cisco Roombar, manage and connect to conferencing using Cisco’s Roombar conferencing capabilities

  • Share a ‘Space’ into a conferencing meeting

Product Guidance Tools

pageProduct Guidance Tools

Those tools are used to help guiding you on how to use the applications and make sure you enjoy your experience with the infinity platform.

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