Product Guidance Tools

  • Feedback & Feature Request Button:

Once you click it, you will get this form to fill. This will help us understand your experience with the Infinity Platform more and what areas we can improve it.

Within each application card on the main homepage, you will notice a play icon when you hover over the card. If you click on this play icon, a short video will appear that has a brief explanation of what the application is unique with.

This button is within the Admin Center Page, where you can get extra uClient if you decide to try another application and you ran out of uClient adapter. This feature is available for the US, UK and Canada only so if you are in another country please contact support ( or reach out to your authorized channel partner.

Once this button is clicked, this page will appear to complete the purchase process:

  • Interactive application walkthrough tour:

Once you open any of the applications, you will get this popup if you wish to get an interactive tour about the application you clicked on. This popup will appear once a day for 2 days only to make sure you have a pleasant experience within the application.

  • New release notes popup:

With each release there will be a popup stating what are the new features within that release, for example this is 12.8 feature release popup

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