Version 12.6

Platform Updates

Userful Rebranding

All logos, naming, and default video assets have been updated with Userful’s new logo and trademark for The Userful Infinity Platform.

Introducing real-time data monitoring with graph options and drill-down capabilities. The System Monitoring Dashboard provides system details, networking details, insights on GPU, CPU utilization, threshold notifications, and much more.

Notifications to inform about the CPU and GPU load conditions and license upgrade suggestions for overutilized systems.

An updated and more intuitive interface allows admins to add/remove users and manage permissions easily. Further, the User Management module now also provides user logging information.

Userful Infinity REST API

A new REST API allows other systems to interact with the Userful Infinity platform programmatically. Initial calls allow external triggers to switch Operation Rooms layouts and display custom text across any display.

Admins can create a backup of the system to back up users, destinations, layouts, sources, and other configurations.

Sources and Destinations

Introducing access controls for destinations. Configure destinations to only allow access to certain applications, limiting destination sharing for unapproved applications.

Application Updates


Power BI Source

A native integration with PowerBI allows users to integrate to pull their dashboard and business analytics visualizations with secure authentication and access persistence, and less manual setup.


Users can choose to have Engage play at the server for perfect sync playback on any video wall or have it play at the uClient device level for single screens, allowing for more scalability from a single server.


The new function enables any uClient application to cache content on the local storage and playback locally enabling larger scalability for signage playback from a single server to a large amount of single digital signage displays and enabling low-cost digital signage implementations.


Remote Application now has Youtube Integration allowing users to curate their secure Remote channels with Youtube-hosted videos using the embed option.

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