Version 12.7

System Configuration

  • A manual system reboot is required for GPU Latency Settings to take effect.

  • Keycloak starts in dev mode after restoring from the 12.6.1 backup file. Workaround: Please wait for some time for services to restart.

  • The Web Browser source is not listed while creating a uClient Player Mapping Preset.

  • Unable to create event schedules (Reboot/ Check Updates/ Shutdown) for more than one specified time. Workaround: Please create a new schedule and specify event details for each operation.

Sources and Destination

  • The Asset list shows different time formats when uploading content from different web browsers.

  • Audio does not work for HDMI Capture source when the Use XClient option is enabled while creating the source.

  • VEO Crashes when configuring Media Commander playing content.

  • The Sources menu hosts all the application sources. As the validation to have a unique source name is currently only applicable to the applications, the sources with the same name also appear in the Sources menu. When a user tries to modify one of the sources with the same name, the system shows an error that sources cannot be duplicated.

    Workaround: Please rename the source to perform any edits.



  • The right-click is not functional in the source cards of the Decisions application.


  • Sometimes, when a video and image source is streamed through an uClient Player in the Artistic application, the audio feature does not function.


  • When unmapped from the Spaces meeting room, the destination plays previous content for a fraction of a second.

  • While streaming from a Spaces uClient Player-

    The Web OS displays a black screen when a tab with no audio support is shared.

    Workaround: Please use a Server Client Player for WebOS display.

  • When streaming using the Spaces uClient Player, the Web OS destination does not display content when a tab with no audio support is shared.


  • Layout states (active/inactive) are sometimes represented incorrectly in the uControl application.

  • uControl uClient Player presets do not have a volume control function. Workaround: Please use Server Player mapping presets or create a uClient Player Mapping group using the Artistic and Engage application.

  • The platform shows an error when multiple users start streaming presets simultaneously.


  • The platform can not authenticate two servers in the same network in the browser.

  • Broadcast alerts are not retained after the server reboot.

  • The playlist sometimes freezes when Video and image sources are streamed for a long time.

  • Some MOV files are not decoding with the latest GStreamer update.

  • Unpairing/repairing the uClient device playing local content does not work as expected when the user presses a keyboard key connected to the uClient during the operation.

  • The user can save schedules with the same name.

  • When switching content streaming from one Server/uClient Player to another Server/uClient Player, the playback stops at the last frame of the streaming content.

  • When a source is used to stream content in one application, and the same source is configured to stream in another application's Playlist simultaneously, the source plays indefinitely in both applications.

  • Currently, the platform does not support mapping HDMI sources to mapping groups.

  • An unstable RTSP stream can cause VEO to crash when streaming long-term playback. Please use the Program Runner and VLC player to stream an unstable RTSP stream.

  • When streaming a Web Browser source using a uClient Player soft KVM feature, it is not functional for WebOS displays. The feature may work for Android uClients, but some heavy sites may not work as expected.

  • Sometimes, the web browser session needs to be started again to have valid redirects.

  • When the VEM service restarts, it attempts to create all the mapping groups. While creating, if it finds any invalid detail or asset file for a mapping group, it buffers till the issue is resolved. Please delete the mapping group with invalid details or ensure the details provided are correct and reboot the system.

  • Noticeable stuttering text on the large configuration video wall.

Fixed Issue

  • Fixed a scaling issue where content scaling on a large canvas (1080p) with 4K output showed a black screen.

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