Userful Remote is a content access portal application part of the Userful Infinity platform, that enables local and remote workers access to enterprise sources from their desktops. It provides curated desktop access for remote and local workers to access visual information and enterprise TV sources, all while applying enterprise IT standards and best practices.

Designed to deliver targeted communication to the workspaces, Remote delivers an Enterprise TV cable subscription-like experience for teams to access valuable live streams and on-demand content right from their workstations. It enhances accessibility for remote and front-line workers.

Featuring a powerful media engine it allows for any visual networking platform source to be distributed to a large audience through its desktop-accessible channel tuner portal which can be accessed on desktops.

By leveraging Remote’s increased reach, companies can give remote and front-line workers access to the portal, which can be centrally managed by content managers or even by control room operators — providing access to only relevant sources and powering maximum situational awareness. Furthermore, they can deliver corporate communications and announcement signage right to the homes of employees using an easy-to-access channel tuning experience on desktop, and displays with uClients.

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