Userful Engage Signage solution is a part of the Userful Infinity platform, developed to meet enterprise IT standards and best practices. It is a full-featured and user-friendly content management system (CMS) that provides all the tools required to create, curate, and distribute engaging digital signage content.

The content management function allows Enterprise organizations to leverage content creation tools through an intuitive interface, enabling anyone in the organization to create, manage, and distribute eye-catching content such as corporate communications, event announcements, health and safety messaging, emergency alerts, and infotainment, including weather, news, and social media. Furthermore, Userful’s content delivery network allows users to blend signage content with any other secure corporate local sources and applications. The Administration function provides IT with all of the oversight tools required for ongoing infrastructure manageability, roles-based permissions for content creation, and deployment policies to keep content relevant and controlled — with the flexibility to deploy to any display or video wall and combine with other visual applications.

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