Userful Trends is a Business Intelligence distribution application part of the Userful Infinity platform, designed to enhance situational awareness and decision-making through the delivery of visual business intelligence information to relevant team areas, all while applying enterprise IT standards and best practices. It is a visual information aggregator and distribution application that provides the tools to integrate various data sources and enterprise BI applications, giving visibility to the right teams across the organization. Trends help businesses empower their employees to be more data-driven by providing accessible metrics and analytics, enhancing decision-making.

Trends allow operational teams to connect their visual display systems, such as business intelligence dashboards using integrations to some of the top BI analytics tools including PowerBI, as well as tools to securely connect persistent sessions of custom dashboard sources from other company software. Furthermore, it also provides tracking real-time operational metrics and KPIs such as sales performance, inventory levels, and more.

All of these dashboards can be shown in multiple ways to best deliver insights to the teams. Dashboards from different tools can be aggregated into a single view with Trend’s aggregator tool to create custom team views with information relevant to them in a single snapshot. Dashboards can also be playlisted to rotate up-to-date relevant information for that team.

It can be deployed with various architectures including closed network environments to meet even the most stringent connectivity requirements. While Trends helps to democratize and remove data visualization silos, it offers advanced roles-based permissions to provide dashboard access to the right places. Furthermore, the administration function provides IT with all of the oversight tools required for ongoing infrastructure manageability and deployment policies.

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