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The Decisions application's key features are covered in detail in this guide. To begin, click on the Decisions card on the Home Page.

It is important to set up a video wall before creating an Operations Center. Navigate to Home Page> Sources and Destinations > uClient. Click on the Manage Video Walls option. For more information refer to the Destinations section.

Operations Center

The Operations Center screen helps you create and manage multiple Operations Centers. As your organization's operational needs continue to grow, Decisions helps you manage multiple sources all through an Operations Center.

Create an Operations Center

Settings Tab

  • Enter the Name and Description. For example, Security Operations Center. Operations center to monitor, prevent, detect, and investigate cyber threats.

  • Enter the Resolution. This value scales the source to the destination's width and height.

Advanced Tab

  • Select the GPU from the drop-down menu. The application automatically detects this value.

  • Enter the Video Latency

  • Select the Video Quality. It is recommended to choose video quality as High when using text and static images. Select video quality as Medium or Low when streaming dynamic content like video files to optimize system resources.

  • Enter the Frame Rate Limit.

Persmissions Tab

  • Select the user roles that can access the Operations Center

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