Mapping Groups

The mapping group function helps link a source to the destination from the application user interface. Once linked, the group streams source content to the mapped destination enabling a seamless streaming experience.

Server Players

Content, when streamed via Server Player, is stored and processed by the server.

Create a Server Player Mapping Group

  1. Enter the Latency. Note for a smooth streaming experience it is important to have an ideal latency value. A higher latency value helps mitigate frame skips and audio popping in sub-optimal network environments.

  2. Enter the Resolution. It is the resolution of the destination in pixels.

  3. Select the Video quality. It is recommended to choose video quality as High when using text and static images. Select video quality as Medium or Low when streaming dynamic content like video files to optimize system resources.

  4. Set the GPU selection to automatic. The platform automatically detects this value.

  5. Drag and drop the Source from the Source Panel to the Source Section.

  6. Next, switch to the Destinations panel and drag and drop the destination to the mapping group.

Please note that Server Players only allows you to map one destination.

Pair a Screen

Now that the Source and Destination are set up, let us assign and pair content to the Source. Engages' Screen feature helps you map assets, playlists, and schedules to the source.

  1. First, let us determine the pairing code of the destinations. A pairing code is a unique ID displayed on the destination. You can also check the pairing code of the destination by clicking on the Interactive Viewer option. Click on the three-dot menu > Interactive viewer option.

  2. To map a screen to the Source, navigate to Content Management > Screens.

  3. The Edit Screen dialog box appears. This helps you assign Assets, Playlists, and Schedules to the screen.

  4. In this example, we will assign an Asset to the screen. Select the Type as Asset from the drop-down menu.

  5. The asset gets saved as the Selected Asset.

  6. A row displaying screen details is created on the workspace and the content starts streaming to the destination.

  7. To preview content as it appears on the destination, click on the Preview option. The Preview mode starts displaying the streaming content.

uClient Players

uClient Players are ideal for larger deployments of stand-alone digital signage. Content streaming from uClient devices is processed by the uClient and stored as cache data for faster access. uClient Players are currently restricted to stand-alone uClient destinations and Videos and Images as the source type.

Map Destination to uClient Players

  1. Drag and Drop the destination to map it to the uClient Player. The destination streams the content assigned to the screen paired with it.

Please note the pairing code is displayed on the destination. To couple a screen to the destination and begin streaming content, refer to the Pair a Screen section.

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