Walkthrough Guide

This guide covers the key aspects of the Remote application in detail. To begin, click on the Remote card from the Home Page.

Browse Channels

This displays all the created channels.

  1. Click on the Channel card to view the streams. The Available Streams screen appears, displaying all the streams.

  2. Click on a stream. The stream plays content in full-screen mode.

  3. Click on the Go Back option to return to the Available Streams view.

Only administrators can manage the Channels.

Manage Channels

Channel is a collection of Streams. Supported stream formats include HLS's streams and YouTube streams.

Create a Channel

  1. Enter the Name and Description. For example, Product Marketing. This channel includes streams showcasing product use cases and overviews. Note: Requires Authentication option, when enabled, allows only authenticated users to access and edit channels. Refer to the User Management section to learn more about user roles and group permissions.

  2. Enter the stream Name, Description, and URL on which it is hosted. For example, Product Overview. This stream highlights product features.

  3. Click on the Details tab and copy the Channel Link.

  4. Click on the stream to begin streaming the content.

Edit Stream

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