uConduct is the Soft-KVM for our Infinity Platform. With uConduct, the operators can interact with all the interactive sources such as Web browser, RDP, VNC, YouTube, PowerBI, and Tableau. The operator can add any interactive source that is created in the Operation center under the Decisions application

It offers an improved operator workflow and can be used for long shifts by offering quality resolution, low latency, and improved window management for interactive sessions.

The uConduct button is an action that enables the operator of the decision canvas to open a new window with all the interactive sources that are showing in the Definitions

Type of Buttons:

  • Interactive window/viewer - an interactive window that allows the user to access the active source contents. We can use active sources and interactive viewers interchangeably, as inside the uConduct app they represent the same thing.

  • uConduct View - a saved data of a layout with interactive viewer(s).

Type of Buttons:

  • Icon/quick-action button

  • Button/action button


As of Userful 12.8, the uConduct app can only be accessed through the Decisions app. There are two methods to gain access.

Access permissions:

Only Decisions app operators and administrators will have access to the uConduct app. However, there are also the following permissions unique to the uConduct app:

  • uConduct Administrator

  • Can view, create, edit, and delete

  • uConduct User

  • Can view

Access through the UI:

Both methods require the following steps:

  • Open Decisions App

  • Create Operations Center

Method 1: Launching an empty uConduct canvas

  1. Access uConduct App:

a. Once the Operations Center is created, the option to enter the uConduct app will become available.

b. The icon is located in the top right corner of the actions panel:


d. By clicking the icon, the user will open a separate tab inside the current browser with the empty uConduct app.

Method 2: Exporting Canvas Data

  1. Once the Canvas is created, the option to export data to the uConduct app will become available.

  2. The icon is located under the canvas dropdown menu:

  3. By clicking the icon, the user will open a separate tab inside the current browser with the exported data uConduct app.

  4. Exported data includes all available interactive active sources on the canvas.

  5. uConduct maintains a reference to the canvas, every time that the user refreshes the page, it will pull data from the canvas.

Either way will have no difference in the user experience, as will be discussed in the next section.

uConduct View


Actions Panel:

At the bottom of the uConduct window, the user will find the Actions Panel. This panel provides a set of tools and functionalities to perform actions within the uConduct app.

Manage Active Sources

To add an Interactive source and play with it, click on the “Manage Active Source” icon

A window with all the interactive sources will appear

Click on the + icon to add the sources and click on “Save Changes” and how you can interact with the sources.

This option will let you show and hide the action buttons on the interactive inset. When you click it, The action buttons will appear in the top right corner of each interactive inset

  • Toggle Caps Lock: Allows the operator to enable or disable the caps lock of the keyboard. Currently, it is not possible to know the state of each caps lock per each interactive viewer, however, the user can use the button as a toggle between caps/no caps.

  • Interactive: Allows the operator to enable or disable the interactivity of the source

  • Expand/Collapse: Allows the operator to expand the Interactive Inset to full-screen for a larger viewing area and ease of control for a particular source.

  • Delete: Allows the operator to delete the interactive inset

This option lets the operator remove all the interactive insets from the View.

Allows the Operator to save the current status of the view. To create a view, click on the icon and save the view

After filling in the name, click on the save button.

Within the uConduct app, the view represents a file that contains a list of interactive viewers.

The user can do the following actions with the view:

  • Remove a view - that permanently deletes the view.

  • Load a view - Replace the current interactive viewers with the data saved in the view.

Default Settings:

This is a list of all default settings:

  • Canvas will automatically align all interactive viewers. Maximizing the efficiency of the available space.

  • Buttons on the interactive viewer are hidden.

  • Interactive viewers are set to the interactive state.

canvas at that time ready to use with the interactivity on.

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