Key Features

Both Engage Standard and Engage Plus application encompass the following features:

  • Canvas Design Tool Create professional posters by adding a design template or select from a range of 500+ pre-built designs. Use features like color, text, animation, etc. to enhance poster elements. Add widgets, Unsplash images, and a QR code to create impressive poster designs.

  • Apps and Integrations Select from a range of 40+ applications to stream news, social media feeds, weather report, custom RSS feeds, YouTube videos, and much more.

  • Background Music Upload MP3s or connect to the internet radio to add music to signage content.

  • Split Screen Create views with more than one asset type including scrollers alongside videos and widgets on a single view.

  • Playlist Create a Playlist to loop content like images, videos, news feeds, weather reports, etc.

  • Schedule Schedule content or playlists to play ahead of time exactly when needed, or recurringly daily or weekly.

  • Teams Divide your account into various functional units for implementing isolated controls or shared content and display permissions where required.

  • Tagging Tag display and video wall destinations to target content for specific areas including emergency messaging.

  • Approval Workflows Create approval workflows and enable content managers to review contributors' content.

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