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Every major aspect of the Engage application is described in detail in this guide. To begin click on the Engage card on the Home Page.

Content Management

Please contact your Useful Account Manager in case you do not have your login credentials.


Screens map assets to displays to facilitate content streaming. This allows you to access, manage, and categorize screens.

Add a Screen

  1. Enter the pairing code on screen.

  2. Enter the Device Name.

  3. Enter a Tag. Recommended: Add tags to group screens and search them easily.

  4. Select the Type of content. For example, Asset. The Select Asset modal appears. Select or create the asset.

  5. Select the orientation to align content to your display.

  6. Some additional settings are as follows: Advanced These steps are optional. Location: Provide the location of the display. Background Type: Select using a solid color or an image or a transparent background. Sync Play: It synchronizes the playback timing for all the display screens. Preload Assets in Playlist: Asset preload ensures seamless content streaming. Mute: Mutes the display.

  7. Click Close after configuring all the settings.

  8. The screen is created.


It opens a Preview panel showing content as it appears on the destination.

  • Note that streaming content from Engage to webOS destinations consumes more network bandwidth.

  • To learn more about assets, and asset creation, refer to the Assets topic.

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