This guide helps you to use the Spaces application in three simple steps.

Click on the Spaces application card.

Create a Meeting Room and add your details.

Save your settings and quick start the meeting.

  1. Add details

    • Enter the meeting room Name and Description. For Example, Product Marketing. Review the marketing plan for the upcoming product launch.

    • Enable the Air-Gapped option if your system and operating environment do not have Internet access. Refer to the DNS Configuration section for more information.

    • Copy the meeting room link to your clipboard. This will be used to launch the meeting.

    • Set a Welcome Message for the audience. When participants attend the meeting, this message appears on the meeting's background screen.

    • Enter the Width and Height of the meeting room. Ideally, it is the width and height of the destination.

    • Set up the meeting room background.

  2. Drag and drop the destination from the Destinations panel to the Mapping Group.

Refer Spaces Walkthrough Guide to have an in-depth understanding of the features offered by the application.

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