Playlists are lists of Assets that are placed into sequence and cycled through repeatedly. Playlists can be assigned to one or many Screens.
We will create a new playlist to go through the various functions. Start by clicking Create Playlist, giving it a name, then assigning assets to it in the play order you want. Customize the amount of time each will show for. All your work automatically saves. You can see this process below.
Creating a new Playlist. Click the animation to zoom.
Each Playlist also has its own set of advanced options (gear icon):
  • Scale Image/Video/Document takes any image that does not match the display's aspect ratio and applies fit options (Fit, Stretch, Zoom, None) as selected.
  • Shuffle plays the playlist randomly.
  • Default Transition sets the transition animation for the playlist.
  • Transition Speed sets transition speed for the playlist.
  • Playlist - Max Duration sets a maximum duration for the playlist. This cannot be less than the current duration of the playlist, rather it enforces a uniform maximum length when making future changes.
  • Background Music set a file to play music over the entire playlist, or a URL for audio from TuneIn, YouTube, or others.
Use a local screen to adjust your playlists and take the time to become accustomed to using Playlists. Finally, we will move on to Schedules.
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