Backing up Signage Player Content to USB

It is strongly recommended that content be backed up over the network if at all possible, as USB devices can be unreliable. This process risks leaving your content vulnerable or damaged.

You will need a USB storage device large enough to handle all the files on your Userful server. Connect it to your PC first, and ensure it is formatted for exFAT. FAT32 cannot handle the large file sizes of high-resolution content.

You will need to enable USB Storage Devices on your Userful server as well.

You will also need an active Linux Desktop Source, and either a display, keyboard and mouse connected to your Userful server (chances are you already have this since you are planning to reinstall the OS) or Interactive Viewer.

Log into the Linux Desktop source using your administrator credentials. Using a user account created in RBAC will not work.

Connect the USB device to the Userful tower and it should appear on the desktop. Double-click the drive's icon to open it.

The files you are looking for are stored in the following path:

File System -> var -> source-content

You can right-click and "Select All", then click-and-drag over to the USB drive to start copying content. If you have many large files, this transfer can take upwards of 10 minutes.

Once the transfer is finished, you can disconnect the drive.

Before moving ahead with your reinstall or update, connect the USB device to your machine and ensure all files are present. Running a check on the disk is also a good idea.

Once the Check has passed, it's strongly recommended to copy these files to a central repository and not to use Userful as this repository in the future.

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