The Mapping section of Userful Control Center is where you will manage displays and Zones, and also create and manage content sources. If you are not using Command & Control, this is likely where you will spend most of your time in Userful!
The capabilities of Mapping are different between On-Premise and Cloud servers, with On-Premise having more functionality to reflect its robust software and hardware capabilities.

Mapping Overview

The Mapping page has a slightly different layout depending on if you are accessing Control Center via Userful Manager or in its own browser tab. Note the changing positions of the side menu, along with the Show IDs, New Source, New Wall, and New Virtual Display buttons between the two views.
Mapping also has two different layouts you can switch between. Each is dependent entirely on personal preference. These pages focus on the default view, but instructions and functionality apply to both equally.
Mapping allows you to manage displays and sources entirely by clicking and dragging with your mouse, clicking Apply to save and effect your changes.
Using Mapping with a mobile device (phone or tablet) is possible, but a desktop browser (Windows, Mac, ChromeOS, Linux) will deliver the best experience.
Mapping is also where Sources, Resource Groups, Virtual Displays, Video Walls and Zones are created and managed. Command & Control is created and accessed here, but managed with a different interface.
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Audio Controls

On-Premise Audio Controls

Audio is not supported with Userful uClient Receivers paired to On-Premise servers in Userful 10.6. This will be resolved in an upcoming release.
Userful delivers stereo audio to a variety of endpoints throughout the platform. Audio controls vary slightly depending on how your displays are used.
The Control Center allows you to control Audio Device, Volume, and Mute settings.
Single displays have their audio settings at the bottom of the Display Settings window, accessed by clicking once on the Display.
Audio settings for a single display. Click the animation to zoom
Audio for a Video Wall Zone is handled in Zone Settings.
Audio settings for a Zone
Audio for displays in a Mirror Group is handled in the Mirror Group settings.
Audio settings for a Mirror Group

Cloud Audio Controls

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