Userful Manager
Userful Manager is a cloud-based management portal that allows you to connect to and manage all of your instances of Userful from a single pane of glass.
Userful Manager allows you to:
  • Connect to and manage multiple Userful On-Premise servers across several geographical locations
  • Create and manage instances of Userful Cloud
  • Receive email alerts when systems go offline
  • Track your support and subscription status
  • For public computing deployments, track usage reports and manage printing
It’s important to understand the differences between the different server architectures you will deal with in Userful Manager.
Userful On-Premise servers are fully independent, physical servers installed within your corporate domain. Given access to the Internet, they will automatically connect to and register themselves with Userful Manager. Once they are claimed by your account, they can be managed with the same level of control as if you were connecting to the management console over your local network.
Userful Cloud servers are created in Userful’s public data center and are controlled exclusively from Userful Manager. They are simple video controller applications that interact with uClient-enabled adapters or smart displays over the Internet to deliver signage and video wall functionality. Though they are not technically virtual machines, you can think of them as VMs from an administrative point of view.
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