On-Premise Sources

A source is an application, collection of content, or feed that provides the content to your displays or video walls.

Userful on-premise server can create an unlimited number of different types of sources, and each source can be broadly categorized into one of four major source types. Userful is able to generate instances of applications that are installed on the server as part of the default image, and control and scale them to displays or video walls. These are known as Interactive Sources.

Interactive sources can, as the name suggests, be interacted with through the Userful Control Center by using the Interactive Viewer.

Userful supports a number of direct video sources, which are video feeds decoded by Userful and sent to your displays/walls. Content from these sources can be live or pre-recorded. These are called Direct Sources.

Userful often develops custom applications for one-time deployments or projects, or to deliver additional functionality with Specialty Sources.

Userful On-Premise uses local resources (CPU and GPU) to run our custom software compositor that takes other sources (Interactive, CMS Client, and Direct) and runs them as a Composition of sources.

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