Activity Log
The Activity Log provides a place to review human-readable logs of user activity in the Control Center and Command & Control.
The Activity Log is off by default. To enable it, click Enable User Activity Log in the top-left corner.
All of the below Activity Types are enabled by default.
  • Source Update - Create, edit, or delete a Source.
  • Welcome Screen Update - Edit any of the Welcome Screen settings, or assign or move a Source into or out of a Resource Group.
  • Video Wall Update - Create, re-calibrate, or edit Video Walls and Zones.
  • Preset Update - Create or delete a Preset.
  • Preset Load - Recall a Preset.
  • Event Update - Create, change, or delete an Event.
  • Displays Added - Lock a new Client or create a new Virtual Display.
  • Displays Removed - Unlock a Client or delete a Virtual Display.
  • Displays Updated - Update a setting on a Display, either a Client or Virtual Display.
  • Group Update - Create, Edit, or Delete a Group.
  • User Update - Create, Edit, or Delete a User.
  • Settings Update - Alterations to any Settings.
  • Layout Update - Create, Edit, or Recall a C&C Layout.
  • Layout Load - Recall a C&C Layout.
  • Source Update - Create, Edit, or Launch a C&C Source.
  • Login Success - Successful UCC logins.
  • Login Failure - Failed UCC logins.
  • Logout - User sessions end.
  • Other Miscellaneous events.
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