Pre-Book for Staff

Logging In

From any Web browser in your network enter the IP address or hostname of the Pre-Book Server in the address bar. (You may find it useful to bookmark this page or add it to your favourites so you don't have to remember the address in the future.) On the welcome page click Staff Login.

Enter the credentials given to you by your local administrator and you will come to the Staff Home page. This page allows you to view current and upcoming reservations, search patron barcodes, and view override barcodes.

Making a Reservation

There are a few steps to making a reservation. These are the same steps any end-user or patron would need to follow to reserve a station:

  • Log into Pre-Book as explained above.

  • If you are logged in as staff, you must use the Search for a Patron menu item and enter the appropriate barcode.

  • Select the date, time and location for your reservation; this will display the available stations.

  • Click on Book It to reserve your PC.

  • A message will display confirming the details of your reservation.

  • If you wish to receive e-mail notification of your reservation, enter your e-mail address.

  • Click on Confirm Reservation to complete the process

  • Your reservation history will be displayed.

  • You can scroll down to the end of the displayed page to review your reservations. Staff members can use this feature to see a patron's reservation history.

Make sure you click on Log Out before leaving the reservation station, or else other people will be able to view your information and even make changes.

Deleting a Reservation

Both patrons and staff can delete an unfinished reservation, or a session in progress, through the reservations page.

  • Log into Pre-Book as explained above.

  • Staff can use the Search for a Patron option from the staff menu.

  • Once you find the unwanted reservation, click on the trash can icon beside the reservation to delete it.

Extra Features for Staff

After logging in as a staff user, you will be presented with several unique options on the right side of the screen.

Policy Overview

The policy overview screen allows the staff user to read a detailed overview for reservation policies set on the system. The primary categories for policy settings are Making Reservations, Reservation Cancellations, and No-Show Penalties.

To edit a policy, you need to be logged in as an administrator.

Computer Login Records

The Computer Log-In Records screen allows you to review station use. You can set the date and location of interest, then click OK to display the results. This is useful for verifying a patron's use of stations, seeing how busy your stations have been, etc.

Temporary Barcodes

The Temporary Barcodes screen allows you to manage temporary log-in credentials for your patrons. They can be created in batches and be set to expire after a pre-determined amount of time if desired.

Search for Patrons

The Search for Patrons screen allows you to search for specifc patrons by barcode to view activity, reservation history as well as booking new reservations for patrons.

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