Interactive Viewer

Interactive Viewer

Many Interactive Sources require user interaction to function properly. You can achieve this by connecting a keyboard and mouse to the desired Display or Control Display, but the best method is to use the Interactive Viewer feature. Interactive Viewer allows you to take direct control of any Interactive Source, right from UCC in your browser.

To try it out, map any Display, Virtual Display, or Zone to an Interactive Source like a Web Browser, then click on that Display or Zone to open its Settings window.

In the top-right corner, you’ll find the button to launch Interactive Viewer. If this button is greyed out, check to make sure that the Zone is started. Then hit Apply in the bottom right corner of UCC. Finally, enable this feature using Settings > Remote Control Settings.

Interactive Viewer opens in a new browser tab. By default, keyboard and mouse control is disabled. You can enable it by clicking the check box in the top-right corner, or enabling it by default in Settings > Remote Control Settings.

Internet Explorer or older versions of Microsoft Edge may not function properly with Interactive Viewer.

You will have normal keyboard and mouse control and input functions available to you here, though clipboard operations from your OS to the target application are not supported. There are also a few functions at the top of the window:

  • Full Screen: It will fullscreen your browser, this is essentially the same as hitting F11.

  • Scale To Fit: It is the default resolution setting. It will keep all content on your screen but may compress and/or add black bars to maintain the aspect ratio. Use this to return to the default view.

  • Original Resolution: It will zoom in so you can navigate the page at full resolution.

  • Zoom In/Zoom Out: It gives you finer zoom control.

To close Interactive Viewer, just close the browser tab.

With Direct Sources

As there are no X sessions or applications to work with, the Interactive Viewer does not work with resources like Blackmagic Decklink Capture, Signage Player, RTSP streamer, and others.

Within Composition Sources

While you cannot access Interactive Viewer through the Display or Zone running Multi-Window or Picture-in-Picture directly, both these sources generate Virtual Displays where you can access the Viewer. Clicking on these Virtual Displays will allow you to access the Interactive Viewer button.

Within Command & Control

In the Source’s three-dot menu you will see an option for Viewer, this will open the Interactive Viewer.

  • Each user can only remotely control one session at a time with Interactive Viewer. Subsequent launches will terminate earlier sessions.

  • Interactive Viewer uses the VNC protocol. Your system must have access to the Userful server via TCP port 5900 for Interactive Viewer to work.‌

  • Interactive Viewer is available only with Professional+ and Enterprise license tiers.

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