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Change content or execute events on a schedule, set up daily server shut down

Update/ Modify Server Date and Time

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    Go to Settings and scroll down to Time. Ensure the NTP option is enabled if your server has Internet access, or set the date and time manually.
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    Ensure the location and your time zone are correct.
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    Click OK to apply the changes.

Set static IPs on Zero Clients

After setting up your Userful server, a recommended post-setup task is to set static IPs on your Zero Clients. This will enable you to turn off DHCP services on the closed Zero Client network, enhancing security.
This procedure only works with Zero Clients. IP settings must be set manually on uClient Adapters and LG devices.
From the Displays screen, edit the IP address field of a Zero Client. Disable DHCP, and enter whichever static IP you wish to assign to the device, then click OK.
Click Apply when all devices are changed. Each device will update in sequence, and the process may take up to 30 seconds per device.
To put a zero client back on DHCP (if it is going to be moved to a different subnet, for example), simply reverse the above process.

Enable USB Flash Drives on Zero Clients

Go to Settings and click on USB Storage Settings from the Storage Management section, and Enable access to USB storage.

Load content into Signage Player from the local server

If you are controlling Userful from the onboard station, and there is no network access for browser-based management, there are a few steps to follow.
First you must Enable USB Flash Drives in UCC, as described above.
Second, create a Linux Desktop source, either from an existing one or by creating a new one, and ensuring your onboard display is mapped to it.
Log into the Linux Desktop session, and you should now see your USB drive mounted on the desktop. Follow these steps to load files from it, in either an existing or new Signage Player source.

Manage Content on Userful as a Network Share

Userful can be mapped as a Windows network drive for easy management of content.
First, go into Settings and Source Content Settings. Enable FTP and Network Share Access, then set a password and enable Network Share Access.
Next, open Windows Explorer, expand the ribbon, and click Map Network Drive.
As the server path, use the format:
But replace the IP address with your server's local IP. You should then be prompted to enter a username and password. The username will be files and the password is set in the previous step.

Change the Resolution of a display

This applies to Zero Clients or Userful uClient Adapters only.
  • Open the Userful Control Center's Displays tab
  • Click on the Display you desire to change the resolution of
  • Change the resolution as per your requirement from the drop-down menu in the Resolution field
  • Click OK to make the changes take effect immediately

Change the server name

  • Open the Userful Control Center
  • Click on the Settings tab on the right-hand side of the screen
  • Click on the Change Server Name from the Settings menu and give your server a new name
  • Click OK to make the changes take effect immediately

Reset my Password

Userful Manager

Userful Control Center (Non-Administrators)

Your system administrator is able to change any logins, please contact them.

Userful Control Center (Administrators)

Userful Control Center (Administrators, Offline System)

Alternatively, reinstall your system.

Update Userful or Software, Update Chrome Browser

On-Premise Servers

The n

Cloud Servers

Cloud servers are always up-to-date!

Schedule a Server Power-On

Userful cannot turn itself on of its own accord, rather the BIOS or EFI of the system itself must be configured to power on at a certain time.
Contact Userful for assistance in configuring the relevant BIOS settings if your system was sold by Userful. Otherwise consult your vendor's documents.

Find my SystemID

Userful Manager

Click the animations to zoom

Userful Control Center

Report Broken or Defective Hardware, start an RMA

Contact Userful Support. Please include serial numbers from any Client devices possible.

Replace Defective Zero Clients or uClients

Go to Settings -> Receiver Device Configuration. Ensure Automatically inherit the settings of offline devices is enabled.
You do not need to disconnect or make any other UCC changes if this setting is enabled.
Disconnect and remove the old device, and replace it with the new device. Connect network and display first, then power. If connecting a Zero Client, power the device on now.
The display should show a pairing code or the device will become available in Displays for assignment. Assign the device, and it should seamlessly take the place of the offiline device.
Apply any necessary firmware or app updates, then ensure playback has resumed as normal. If necessary, stop and re-start the affected Zone.

Renew, Upgrade, or Update my License, or Add More Displays to my Server

Contact your Userful Account Manager.
If you have processed a renewal but your server is still not updating, contact Userful Support.