Known Issues

Userful 11.3.1 Known Issues

US-6306 Content streaming through the Forward and Store feature starts and restarts if the webOS display is power cycled.

US-6065 Userful's Visual Networking Platform does not support audio for LG WebOS displays. However, seldom, it may work. For consistent audio-visual content streaming, please use a setup supported through a uClient Adapter and a compatible display.

US-6344 An RTSP source, when mapped to stream on a video wall in a cloud server setup, causes unstable output. Please use an On-Prem server to stream an RTSP source on the video wall.

US-6320 Remapping the source to a resource group may cause content streaming to restart.

US-6360 The content streaming stops when the Time and Location option is disabled. A time desync between the uClient and the Server causes it. Please restart the destination. Navigate to the Displays and click on the three-dot menu against the destination. Click Restart.

US-6564 Platform updates may not work when proxy settings are configured. Please connect the server to the internet to download the updates.

Userful 11.2.1 Known Issues

US-2196 Sometimes when a uClient is power cycled, it may not cover the entire destination.

US-2235 Destinations playing Engage source are not unpaired when the user clicks the Unpair option from the displays tab. Please map the destination to a different source and then click on the Unpair option.

US-2269 For destinations connected to uClient devices- when the Server Sound Card is selected as the audio device in the Mirror Group configuration, audio does not function. Alternatively, you can use the endpoint audio output.

US-2282 When a WebOS version 6.0 destination is connected to the cloud with the connection type chosen as legacy, it loses its network connection and is unable to communicate with the Userful Manager. Please do not select the connection type as legacy running WebOS 6.0.

US-2285 On-premise server paired to uClient destinations takes some time (approximately 7 minutes) to restart when rebooted in an air-gapped environment.

US-2286 Disabling the Failover Settings when content is streaming to the destinations connected to the uClients caused the uClients to get stuck on loading. The destinations show the loading icon on the screen.

Userful 11.1 Known Issues

US-116 Screens can become frozen in rare situations where Show ID is shown at the same time as a Preset is switched. (This may be related to a specific hardware issue, and is still being investigated).

US-137 If creating a Source fails for some reason, no error message will be displayed.

US-228 Screen Capture does not work with Forward & Store.

US-568 Android uClient cannot handle files with audio tracks encoded as OPUS.

US-600 Unable to update the "Location" field for uClients.

US-637 uClient Signage Player does not support audio when Forward & Store is enabled.

US-656 Restarting a uClient app from the UCC will restart all running sessions.

US-693 uClient app will start twice after reboot if Engage source was assigned.

US-698 Cannot Download/Backup License anymore.

US-735 source-content directory is empty when accessing via FTP. Use Windows file share as a workaround. Fix coming for 11.2.

US-743 The Zoom function does not work on Blackmagic sources with xclient enabled.

US-745 The Forward & Store option is available on source settings with zero clients, but Zero Clients do not support Forward & Store.

US-758 Showing display ID will cause Engage sources to restart.

US-763 Broadcast Alert not working on displays running Engage sources.

US-770 Session management: Large print mode works only with Firefox web browser sessions.

US-795 When Forward & Store is first enabled, other sources will suffer performance issues while content is processed. This is expected and will resolve once Forward & Store processing finishes.

US-801 SAML configuration - Userful Server ID field last character not added to SP Metadata unless you press the Tab key to exit the field.

US-807 A UI issue may occur when calibrating a Video Wall in Cloud using the Large Calibration dialog mode.

US-817 uClient Mirror Group Audio - If audio is set to play from the Server Soundcard, it will not maintain sync.

US-936 Starting and stopping Sources or triggering Layouts in Command & Control very rapidly can cause video playback to crash and restart. Allow any operations to be fully complete before triggering new ones.

US-1218 FTP folder access stops working after a reboot.

Userful 10.6.3 Known Issues

On-Premise Known Issues

US-62 - On-Premise UCC controls to disable Audio do not impact sound on a local browser session.

US-82 - Broadcast alerts are not shown when Local Browser is in use.

US-84 - Displays mapped to a Local Browser session fail to show content after failover.

US-151 - Local Browser sessions cannot be launched from a Welcome Screen.

US-116 - Screens can become frozen in rare situations where Show ID is shown at the same time as a Preset is switched. (This may be related to a specific hardware issue, and is still being investigated).

US-125 - uClient: Pairing code won't be displayed if there are too many on-prem servers in the network.

US-140 - uClient: We are investigating some audio support inconsistencies on WebOS displays.

US-343 - Downloaded Console logs from the Userful uClient Adapter show some unrequested content.

US-352 - Failback sometimes does not work for Local browser sessions on uClient.

US-358 - Web Browser sources show the spinner animation with uClient On-Premise when the source refresh rate is set to 1FPS. As a workaround, set the refresh rate to 10FPS or higher.

US-367 - Zero Clients can fail to return to operation after calibrating if the dialog is closed very quickly.

US-375 - Warning message “apk version should be 2.0.9 or higher” is still triggered with uClient 2.0.9.

US-391 - Opening LED Media Commander dialog will temporarily cause the output to be incorrect. (This goes away upon any action).

US-408 - Some video content in Signage Player causes a black screen issue after playing for a long time.

US-409 - “Lock Task Mode Enabled/Disabled” messages are showing on WebOS displays (though they should only show on the Userful uClient Adapter).

US-411 - Playback of YouTube content through the Engage signage web viewer or app is stuttering.

US-600 - Unable to update the "Location" field for uClients.

20962 - Blackmagic Capture sources in Command and Control do not support Audio if Xclient is disabled. Enable Xclient to resolve this.

21036 - Audio settings for zero clients are not correctly copied to a backup server in a failover configuration.

21042 - An RTSP Streaming source on a standalone uClient display will freeze after a short time due to timestamp issues. Workaround: Playing in a 1x1 videowall resolves the issue as timestamps are not used.

21054 - 100% GPU decoding utilization can severely impact videowall sync. Use Monitoring to ensure system resources are not being overtaxed.

21056 & 21057 - uClient audio support for Mirror Groups and Video Walls from On-Premise servers is not yet implemented.

21063 - Audio support for Forward and Store signage player is not yet implemented.

20912 - System resolution on the uClient Adapter is always set to 1080p, even if a 4k display is connected. To correct this, the resolution for the display must be set manually within UCC in Display Settings.

20821 - Connecting a device to a Blackmagic card that outputs an unsupported resolution will interrupt playback of all sources. This is an upstream issue being addressed with Blackmagic.

20778 - Screen Capture does not work with uClients. This will be resolved in a future release.

20510 - Live Updates in Command & Control when viewed through Userful Manager are disabled for versions 10.4 through 10.5.1. To resolve this, update to 10.5.2 or newer.

20477 - An onboard station can appear in UCC when there is no onboard display connected. Beyond showing an onboard station, this does not have a functional impact.

20359 - In some large videowall scenarios, using Screen Capture can cause displays themselves to show a black screen. This symptom goes away when Screen Capture is disabled. So far, this has been reported only once.

20227 - Moving Sources around in Command & Control could be delayed or sluggish if done over a slow connection or VPN. Ensure each user connected to Command & Control is provisioned with 50mbit/s connections to the server, though this will vary depending on the Sources being used. The high bandwidth requirements will be resolved in future releases.

20164 - If a system has both Zero Clients and uClients paired, the display ID will only show on uClient displays when Show ID is clicked.

15181 - Power-off inactive displays may not work for displays running Web Browser content.

15052 - New line & foreign characters may not work, and long messages may not wrap properly, while using broadcast alerts with Signage sources on Video Wall zones. As a workaround, do not use foreign or odd characters in broadcast alerts.

14308 - Capturing a PC with color space set to RGB may show artifacts mostly with the text on the display. This is very common due to color space preferences on PCs versus capture cards. To resolve this, change the PC's color space output to YUV.

14169 - Changing static IP address of a network interface that is providing DHCP does not update the DHCP settings. As a workaround, disable the DHCP server when changing IP address, wait until the Control Center notifies that the DHCP is fully offline, and then re-enable the DHCP server.

13387 - DVD Player source fails with Nvidia Offload support. As a workaround, disable Nvidia Offload support when using the DVD Player source.

11589 - The Show ID feature may not work on displays running a Linux Desktop which has been locked by the screensaver. As a workaround, unlock or disable the screensaver, then trigger Show ID again.

10769 - Images larger than 10800 x 8552 pixels may not display correctly in Signage Player. As a workaround, increase the slideshow time interval based upon the time required to load the file.

uClient Known Issues

SD Cards larger than 32GB are not recognized. Format the SD card with FAT32 instead of exFAT or NTFS.

US-140 - Investigating some audio support inconsistencies on WebOS displays.

US-343 - Downloaded Console logs from the Userful uClient Adapter show some unrequested content.

US-352 - Failback sometimes does not work for Local browser sessions on uClient.

US-375 - Warning message “apk version should be 2.0.9 or higher” is still triggered with uClient 2.0.9.

20768 - Launch Camera function with Userful Cloud servers returns trace error in Firefox. Use Chrome or the new Edge browser.

20709 - Maximum image resolution for Signage Player (Cloud) is 1080p. This is a limitation of the media player of the device. For Forward and Store, images will be passed as a 4k video, allowing full resolution. A more complete fix will be coming soon.

20448 - Remote Control feature for uClient Adapter is not yet working. Connect a mouse to the adapter via USB to control the on-screen Web Browser.

20413 - uClient Adapters paired to On-Premise servers do not yet support audio when in Video Walls or Mirror Groups. This will be addressed in an upcoming release.

20289 - Using more than one external storage device at a time is not supported. Use SD card or a USB device to expand local storage if necessary, but not both at once.

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