Software Configuration

Software Configuration

Once the physical connections are complete, power on the Userful system and use the attached display, keyboard, and mouse to complete some initial setup tasks. A claim code as shown below appears for the Userful Manager.

Next, the Initial Setup screen appears. Note that this step is optional.

The initial setup screen allows you to set administrator credentials, network IP address settings, and time zone settings, and accept the Userful and Blackmagic license terms. On some configurations of Proffesional+ servers or Enterprise servers, you may be presented with the following message on your display instead of the above screen.

Enter the displayed URL in your browser to continue. If the Userful server can not receive a DHCP IP address, you may be presented with this message:

It is recommended that the server be allowed to take a DHCP lease. By default, all adapters are configured to accept DHCP leases. If you are not able to give Userful a DHCP IP address, contact Userful support.

Dual-Interface Network Configuration

All Userful-supplied servers ship with at least two network interfaces. Use the primary or onboard interface (if there is more than one interface) to connect to your corporate network. This interface should be reserved for all system operations, including:

  • UCC management and control,

  • Local or intranet connectivity for ingestion of IP-based sources, and

  • Internet connectivity (optional) for remote management, online support, and software updates.

The secondary interface supplied on many servers will be physically separate from the primary. This interface should serve the exclusive purpose of connecting to a separate, isolated LAN or VLAN on which the clients sit.

Note that while Zero Clients can be completely isolated from all other network traffic, uClient devices require Internet connectivity.

See Network Design Requirements for more information.

Primary Network Adapter

Provide your primary adapter that's connected to your corporate network with a fixed IP address. It can either be a static IP address or a DHCP reservation as this address will be used to manage Userful. You can provision this IP address during the Initial Setup screen, or later from the Network Settings.

It is important that the DHCP server should not be enabled for the primary interface.

At this point in the setup, you should switch to manage Userful through a web browser (preferably a laptop or desktop).

  1. Open a tab in a Web browser. (Google Chrome is the recommended web browser).

  2. Enter the IP address of the Userful server, displayed on the network adapter, in the address bar.

  3. You should be presented with the Cloud registration screen as shown above. If this is the case, click on the Get Started option from the keyboard/mouse/monitor connected to the system.

  4. Switch back to your computer's browser to continue the setup.

  5. Disconnect the keyboard, mouse, and monitor from the server.

Managing Userful using peripherals connected to the system is not recommended as several key features will not work as intended. Using a web browser from your own device is the recommended method of administering Userful.

Secondary / Client Network Adapter

The Additional (on a Standard appliance) or 10GB (on a Professional+ or Enterprise appliance) must be connected to a network segment designated for Userful client devices.

All IP addresses on this network should be fixed, either through static assignments or reservations.

Clients require a DHCP server to allow proper initial provisioning. This can be temporary while devices are unboxed and configured, or permanent. If the network itself does not have a DHCP server, the Userful interface can be configured to provide one, if given a static IP address.

Note the Default Gateway setting. If more than one default gateway is configured in a system, you will experience connectivity issues when managing the server via the web browser. DNS servers are not necessary.

Once the secondary network interface is connected to the appropriate network, the next step is to begin provisioning Clients.

Configure Server URL

If you are pairing a server with uClients, you must enter the URL for the server. This allows the pairing of uClients across subnets and locally.

Go to Settings -> uClient and select the On-Prem Server URL option.

Enter a URL for your server. It must begin with the IP address of the server's network interface which is connecting to the uClients.

For example, if the primary adapter is connected to the corporate network with an IP address, but the secondary adapter is connected to a network with an IP address, then in this field, enter

This information is sent to uClients use this URL when acquiring pairing information. Once paired, all communication between uClients and the on-premise server is direct. This allows uClients on different subnets or networks to pair to an on-premise server.

  1. Refer to the Zero Client Setup page when configuring Zero Clients.

  2. Refer to the LG WebOs Setup page when configuring LG WebOS.

  3. Refer to the Userful uClient Adapter Setup page when configuring uClient adapters.

  4. Refer to the Userful On-Premise page if you are configuring a Control Center and using Virtual Displays.

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