Pre-Book for Administrators


This guide is targeted towards system administrators who will install and configure the Pre-Book system. It details the operational aspects of Pre-Book functionality, not the technical aspects of Pre-Book architecture. For instructions on the day-to-day use of Pre-Book, please see Pre-Book For Staff.

Pre-Book Server Configuration (On-Premise and Cloud)

To configure Pre-Book, log in to the web interface as an administrator. Administrators have complete control over the Pre-Book system, including setting up and controlling access to their public computers, manage time limits for usage and view usage reports.

Administrator Login

  1. From any web browser in your network enter the IP address of the Pre-Book Server.

  2. On the Welcome Page, click Staff Login.

  3. Enter the administrator email address and password. Please contact Userful Support for the credentials.

  4. Click OK

Administrator Menu

The Administrator Menu is located at the right of all the Pre-Book administrator pages and provides access to all of the administrative functions described below.

Web Parameters

This page controls system-wide policies. Most functions are explained on the page itself. It's recommended to go through setup with a Userful Support rep the first time to ensure you have the options the way you want them.

Changes do not save or take effect until you click OK at the bottom.

Policy Settings

Configure both individual and global policy settings here. Like Web Parameters, it's recommended to take a first-time pass at these with a Userful Support rep to get everything the way you like it. They can always be changed later.

Each type of station (Adult, Teen, 15-Minute, etc) you wish to authenticate through Pre-Book must have its own Reservation Policy set up. Click Add a Policy to create one.

Global Policy Settings apply to the entire system, and can be set and changed at any time. Each setting has its own function described.

Changes do not save or take effect until you click OK at the bottom.

The Overview is visible to Staff logins so they can view the policy settings, but not change them.

Machines and Locations

Most of the time spent configuring Pre-Book for the first time is spent here. If your locations ever change their operating hours, then this page must be updated as well.


This page sets operating hours for each of your physical locations. It must be configured even if you only have one location.

Clicking Add a Location allows you to add a location. You can also edit a location's information by clicking its name, and change its operating hours with the Edit button in the Hours of Operation column. Locations can be deleted with the trash icon.


Each Userful server is a Machine. Each Machine must have at least one station, most will have more. Click Add a Machine to add each of your systems. Note that if you have machines that will not authenticate with Pre-Book, such as a server that only serves catalog systems, it is not necessary to add it.

Holiday Hours

This section is used to remove time from ordinary operating hours. For example if your operating hours are usually 10:00 - 5:00 and on a holiday you would be open 10:00 - 3:00 you would set a holiday from 3:00 - 5:00 that day. If you are closed on a particular day, you can set a Closed day as well and no logins will be allowed.

  • You can specify more than one holiday per day. If you want to open later and close earlier, just make 2 holidays those days.

  • If you want to extend your hours over a holiday, you will have to change your hours of operation in the Machine and Location page, then change them back when the change in service is over.

Override Barcodes

Override barcodes do not have restrictions on the number of logins, and can be added by simply entering the barcode in the designated field and clicking on Add.

Since these login credentials allow so much freedom, staff should be careful not to allow patrons to see the barcode being entered. This will prevent abuse of override barcodes.

Temporary Barcodes

The Temporary Barcodes screen allows you to create temporary log-in credentials for your patrons. They can be created in batches and be set to expire after a pre-determined amount of time if desired. A common use for these is creating a daily set of logins for staff to create and hand out at their discretion.

Search for a Patron

Enter the barcode you want to search for and click OK. The search results page allows the administrator to see the patron's login records and also displays station availability. The administrator may also reserve a PC for the patron.

Staff Members

Administrators may create Pre-Book Server accounts for staff members so they can use Staff functionality without the administrator credentials.

Computer Log-In Records and Usage Statistics

This page displays computer log-in attempts. Results can be displayed by date, location, or a combination of both. Note that these are only records that Pre-Book tracks and does not include sessions that do not authenticate through Pre-Book. For a complete usage statistics, see Usage Reports in Userful Manager.

Upcoming Bookings

View upcoming reservations, search for patron records, or view override barcodes. This screen is the landing page for Staff logins.

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