Support (On-Premise)

Step 1: Investigate

System Diagnostics

These will provide alerts if any problems with the configuration of the system present themselves.

Reciever Device Health

Indicates whether or not client devices/displays need to be restarted due to an internal error that requires a manual powercycle to resolve.

Required Users Missing

Indicates if there is a problem with the built-in Administrator account.

Maintenance and Support Status

Shows contract expiry information. Contact your Userful Account Manager for licensing inquiries.

Userful Manager Subscription Status

For legacy licenses - indicates subscription status to Userful Manager. In latest versions, this is tied to Maintenance and Support Status.

uClient Server Requirements

uClients require Quadro GPUs in order to function. If this warning appears, your server either does not have a Quadro GPU installed, no GPU installed, or your BIOS configuration may be using the GPU as the primary display.

Userful License Status

Lists number of displays your server is licensed for.

Userful TURN Server

The TURN protocol is used by Userful Cloud and On-Premise servers to enable upload of content to Userful through your Web browser and live streaming from any connected webcams. Servers check connectivity to on port 3478, and if they do not find it, they will show this error.

If your system has no Internet connection, you can simply Hide the error and it will not reappear.

If your system does have Internet connectivity and this message is appearing, it only means that your system is unable to connect to and you may not be able to upload files to it via Userful Manager. If things are working well for you otherwise, then there's no need for concern.

Display Network

This will show errors if Zero Clients are showing as not connected at full 1Gbps speed.

USB Hubs/Devices

Older models of Zero Client did not support devices with USB hubs being attached to them.

Default Gateway Status

Only one default gateway can be used at a time. If more than one network adapter has a default gateway configured, an error will show and connectivity issues will appear. To resolve this, check each adapter in Network Settings and ensure only the one connected to your corporate LAN or Internet has a default gateway configured.

Displays Memory Utilization

Displays a warning if the system beigns to use excessive RAM. Deprecated by Monitoring.

Userful Manager Registration Status

Displays an error if the server is not registered with Userful Manager. Can be safely hidden if registration is not an option.

Network Latency

Displays an error if excessive latency is detected between the server and Zero Clients.

Network DHCP Status

This shows an error if Userful detects multiple DHCP servers on the network. This is to prevent Clients from possibly being issued conflicting IP addresses.

Server HDD

Displays a warning if the server has less than 5GB of available space.

Server CPU

Displays a warning if the server has less than 4 CPU cores.

Network Bandwidth

Displays a warning if the server is connected to the local network at less than 1Gbps speeds.

Software Update Congruency

This shows an error if there is a configuration problem with the server's software repositories. This can happen during updates to the server. If you see this error, please immediately contact Userful Support.

Network IP Conflicts

This will show a warning if one or more MAC addresses on the network are sharing the same IP address, such as Client devices.

Server RAM

Displays a warning if a server has less than 8GB of RAM (at least 32GB is recommended for production systems).

Secure Boot

Secure Boot must be disabled in the system's BIOS or EFI in order for Userful to install and start correctly.

Online Documentation / Video Tutorials

Links to this site.

Step 2: Troubleshoot

Restart Displays

For Zero Clients, un-assigns and re-assigns them to the server, resetting the connection.

For uClients, restarts the uClient app.

Reboot System

Reboots the server - Userful software and underlying OS.

Reset Userful

Resets the Userful server to factory settings.

*Warning* this will delete ALL data stored on the server, including Sources, Zones, Presets, RBAC users, etc. It is strongly recommended that a backup be taken before performing this step.

Performing a full system reset is rarely necessary, contact Userful Support before taking this step.

Launch Camera

If you have a USB webcam connected to the Userful system, or an RTSP network camera configured, you can launch the feed from that camera here.

You can also select from multiple cameras (if available), switch resolutions (if available) and alter the rotation of the feed.

Launch Terminal (Local UCC Only)

Launches a local Terminal window for the Userful system. Log in using the system Admin credentials. From here you can launch commands in the Bash shell. Recommended for experienced Linux administrators only.

This option does not appear when accessing Userful Control Center through Userful Manager.

Step 3: Contact Support

Report a Problem

If a problem or bug cannot be solved using Userful's documentation, the fastest and best way to receive technical assistance from Userful's support team is to submit a trouble report directly to Userful Customer Support through the Control Center.

To report a problem, click the Submit Trouble Report to Support link. A simple form will open to be filled out. When completed and submitted, the information provided will be emailed, along with a selection of logs from the system.

  1. Be sure to include a contact name and email so that Userful support can respond to your bug report.

  2. Describe what actions you were performing when the problem occurred.

  3. Give us a complete description of the problem. To get help quickly, it is important to be as specific as possible when describing your problem.

  4. When finished, click Submit.

Remote VPN Connection

Enabling this connection will allow the Userful server to directly connect with Userful’s VPN service, allowing Userful support staff to directly access the system via SSH. With this access they can provide comprehensive support including system updates, detailed forensics, and personalized fixes.

Userful Support staff are subject to background checks, and will abide by the following conditions unless consent is specified by the end user.

Userful staff members:

  1. Will never duplicate, transmit, compromise, remove, corrupt, or otherwise alter user content or resources.

  2. Are not able to view user passwords, and will never alter login credentials.

  3. Will never intentionally harm or disrupt a production system, taking all precautions to test corrective actions on internal resources before deploying fixes to live environments.

  4. Will strive to schedule previously agreed-on system updates and software fixes in off-hours to avoid service disruptions.

Contact Userful Support

Opens a Contact Information website. Requires Internet connection.

List of Packages

Lists all installed packages on the system. For advanced Linux administrators.

Backup and Restore

Clicking Backup will automatically download a custom .ubkup file to your computer. This is a full configuration backup of your Userful system (minus content stored for Signage Player) and should be safely stored.

Using Restore From File will prompt you to provide the same .ubkup file.

Note: Though Userful makes every effort to ensure backups are compatible between versions, perfect compatibility is not guaranteed when applying a backup file to a different (older or significantly newer) version of Userful.

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