Portrait Oriented Displays

Configuration Steps

This section details the steps vital for connecting a uClient adapter to a display that is to be used in a portrait or vertical orientation.

  • Ensure your display itself is set to normal Landscape mode operation, even if it is already mounted in portrait orientation.

  • Connect a USB mouse to the Userful device. A cursor as shown below appears.

  • Left-click the circle icon at the bottom of the screen to close the Userful app.

  • Click on the icon below the Userful logo in the middle of the screen. You are now looking at the App Drawer.

  • Left-click on the Settings icon. The following drop-down menu appears.

  • Left-click on the Display icon.

  • Left-click on the HDMI and DP option.

  • Left-click on the Resolution option.

  • Select the Auto option and confirm the change.

  • Left-click on the System Direction option and select either 90 or 270 based on your display's rotation. The screen will rotate right away.

  • The following message appears.

  • Click on the Circle button to return to the home screen.

  • Open the App Drawer and launch Userful Client with a left-click.

  • The display should now be ready to pair.

Refer to the Pairing Displays to Cloud topic for details on how to pair your application with the cloud server.

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